Lindsay Lohan Flashes Soaking-Wet Swimsuit Body On 'The Masked Singer'

A brand-new video has landed on Lindsay Lohan's Instagram. The 33-year-old actress has been in full promo mode this month for her judging role on Australia's version of The Masked Singer, but Lindsay's promotional video today brought a little something different. While it showed the typical set scenes and lavish costumes fans would likely expect from the reality series, it came with something fans hadn't yet seen as the end of the video announced that Lohan herself had created it.

The video came accompanied with a spy movie feel, a giant buildup, and plenty of quotes thrown in.

"There is only one woman for the job" was one such quote.

"When evil comes a knockin'" also appeared.

"Evil has met its match" was another.

Of course, fans didn't just see a blank screen with writing. A mashup of scenes was delivered, with Lindsay herself seen in various setups. A brief bathing suit moment appeared near the beginning of the video. While the snippet offered no context, it did flash the actress's soaking wet body for a short switch-up. Lindsay was also seen rocking a bombshell look with cascading hair and a pink outfit, plus appearing in more expected settings behind the show's desk and with co-stars Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes, and Jackie O.

It looks like Lohan having created the video herself has generated somewhat of a reaction. While celebrities often take to social media with reels from their television appearances, very few stars actually seem to deliver their own creation.

"Made by you! Well done, very creative," one fan wrote.

"Queen of cinema," another added.

Lindsay's video today quickly racked up the views with over 13,600 clocked within one hour of going live.

Celebrities donning the judging role hat seems to be a never-ending affair these days. Over in the music world, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Clarkson have landed themselves prestigious judging roles on series including American Idol and The Voice. Over in the fashion world, Heidi Klum went from supermodel to Project Runway face. It looks like the acting world is no different. Gabrielle Union's acting credits are still alive and well with L.A.'s Finest, but the 46-year-old is perhaps best known for her judging role on America's Got Talent.
The Masked Singer wouldn't be Lohan's first reality gig. The singer had her own Lindsay reality series back in 2014, although her most recent headlines have centered around the failure of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. Clearly, though, with this redhead back on set, it looks like her career is far from over.