YouTube Star James Charles Explains Why He Released Nude Photo Of Himself On Twitter

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James Charles said he took his power back after a hacker allegedly threatened to expose nude photos of him on the Internet. The 20-year-old YouTube beauty guru posted a nude selfie over the weekend after his Twitter account was apparently hacked, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Charles hinted that the hacker had blackmailed him with the photo threat.

In the NSFW photo, which can be seen below, Charles poses by a window in front of a white bathtub. The wildly popular Internet personality, who boasts more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, is completely naked with his booty on full display as he stands sideways to pose for the mirror selfie. The Covergirl ambassador is wearing earrings and an expensive watch, but little makeup in the photo.

In the Twitter caption, Charles revealed that the photo was the only nude selfie he has ever taken in his life and he informed his harassers that they can no longer threaten him with it. The beauty star also told his presumed hacker to get a life.

While Charles did not reveal when the photo was taken, it should be noted that he recently dyed his hair platinum blonde. In the photo, the vlogger has dark hair.

While Charles’ self-release of a nude photo spawned some skepticism from some who thought he leaked the pic for attention or to increase his followers, the Sisters Apparel founder later explained his decision while speaking with TooFab on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet.

Charles told the outlet that having his “safety and everything compromised” was “very, very horrifying.”

“They threatened to leak my nudes and you know what? I love my body, I’m proud of my booty, so I figured I want to take my power back and post it anyway, have a fun little moment.”

Charles added that he didn’t expect his photo release “to be that crazy,” and he said he’s just happy that he is now able to move forward and continue working hard on new content for his social media channel and other projects.

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Earlier this year, Charles’s YouTube subscriber count plummeted after he had a falling out with fellow beauty guru and former best friend Tati Westbrook. The young YouTube star immediately posted an apology video and later a point-by-point rebuttal after makeup legend Jeffree Star and others weighed in on the scandal, then he took a lengthy social media break.

It is clear that Charles is back and as bold as ever, and his YouTube numbers recently skyrocketed back up.