Student Practicing Extreme Yoga On Railing Of Sixth-Floor Balcony Falls 80 Feet To Ground Below, Nearly Dies

A picture of the balconies of a high-rise apartment building.
F. Muhammad / Pixabay

A Mexican college student nearly died after she slipped while practicing extreme yoga on the railing of a sixth-floor balcony and plummeted 80 feet to the ground below.

The incident took place in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, where police say 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas was using the railing of her balcony to perform some extreme yoga poses. Neighbors said the college student had frequently practiced yoga while perched on the railing, but this week she slipped and fell to the ground, The New York Post reported.

The college student was rushed to a hospital and was listed in critical condition with a series of injuries, but reports indicated that she was expected to live. The report drew some viral interest, with news outlets across the globe picking up on it and many sharing the story across social media. While many were happy that the young woman survived her plunge, others criticized her for engaging in such a dangerous activity.

The story drew parallels to another high-stakes balcony act that had a much more tragic ending. Back in October, viral video showed a young mother trying to take a selfie as she perched near the ledge of her 27th-floor balcony in Panama City, then slipping and falling to her death.

As Hollywood Life reported, 27-year-old Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo appeared to be hit by a gust of wind as she tried to take the photo and was blown from the building. The report noted that some nearby construction workers tried to yell a warning to the woman as she sat near the balcony’s edge, but she did not hear them in time.

The video gained viral attention at the time along with some scrutiny for the deceased mother for taking such an unnecessary risk.

In another incident last year, an Israeli national fell to his death while hiking in Yosemite National Park and trying to take a selfie near an iconic cliff. As The Times of Israel reported, the teen slipped while taking a picture atop Nevada Fall, a cliff that plunges close to 820 feet to the rough terrain below.

In Mexico, Alexa Terrazas may have survived her unfortunate fall while performing extreme yoga, but she now faces a long and arduous recovery. The New York Post reported that she suffered fractures to both legs and arms along with her hips and head. Doctors said they needed to “reconstruct” her legs, and that it could be up to three years of intensive rehab before she is able to walk again.