Jason Momoa Gets Stuck In An Elevator, Discusses Who To Eat First

Jacopo RauleGetty Images

Getting stuck in an elevator is a great fear for many people who are catastrophic. And, for those that have watched the movie, Speed, there is the extra concern that the hold up might be an extortion threat. However, for Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, a two-hour stint in an elevator saw the conversation turn to who the group would eat first if the situation arose.

According to Momoa’s Instagram Story, he was recently trapped inside an elevator with his dog and a small group of friends. While many elevator malfunctions are usually rectified fairly quickly, this one saw Momoa and crew trapped inside for a lengthy amount of time, according to Metro. As the group discussed how long they had been inside the elevator, the time length seems to vary from half an hour, right up to two hours so it is unclear exactly how long they were trapped for.

Posting snippets of the traumatic experience to his Instagram story, Momoa and his friends discussed a variety of things during their time trapped inside the elevator at his hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Food seemed to be a hot topic while they were trapped and there were plenty of call-outs for ramen noodles. While the noodles were never presented to the group, Momoa did manage to snack on some M&Ms during the time he was trapped.

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As things got dire and the M&Ms ran out — mostly on account of Jason Momoa spilling half of them on the floor of the elevator — things took a sinister turn.

“Cannibalism, let’s do it,” one of Momoa’s friends can be heard saying while the actor films himself.

There was then some discussion at what order people would be consumed if the situation warranted it.

During the delay, Momoa posted various clips of their time inside the elevator, including a failed escape attempt. Trying to break through the roof of the elevator, the group finally admitted that it wasn’t as easy as it looked in the movies.

“I was trying to be like Die Hard, but it didn’t work out,” Momoa admitted during one of the video clips.

Footage was also shown of his stunt crew looking down from the floor above on the trapped group inside the elevator.

As yet, Momoa has not yet revealed exactly how long they were stuck in the elevator before help came to free them. It is obvious, however, that no one stuck inside the elevator with Momoa had to resort to cannibalism in order to survive the ordeal.