Demi Lovato Stuns With Zero Makeup In Rare Photo: ‘Freckles’

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Demi Lovato may be a natural beauty, but this girl comes with cosmetics galore. The 27-year-old has an Instagram account filled with photos showcasing her stunning make-up looks; it takes a fair amount of scrolling to actually see Demi looking fresh-faced and warpaint-free. All the more reason for fans to get excited on the rare occasions that Demi posts a fully makeup-free look.

It looks like today has delivered just that.

Earlier today, Demi took to her Instagram stories. Her photo came as a simple selfie with a side-cocked head and what may have been a vehicle setting. Demi was looking absolutely stunning with zero makeup – at best, Demi may have applied a little moisturizer. The singer’s clear complexion and healthy glow were more than manifesting, with fans seeing Demi’s light freckles. In fact, they got a mention in the text accompanying the image.

“Freckles,” Demi wrote with a small hand emoji.

Elsewhere, there was a little glam. The sweater that Demi was wearing was from Spanish luxury designer Balenciaga. With an athleisurewear feel and simple black-and-white colors, though, this wasn’t a show-off display from Lovato. Demi’s just-about-visible left hoop earring seemed to be the only accessory, although fans of Demi would likely argue that she needs none.

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Hiiiiiiiee ????????

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Perhaps the best evidence of the rarity that is a makeup-free photo from Demi is the sheer amount of time that has passed since she last posted a bare-faced look. The above photo of Demi dates back to May. Even there, fans might argue that the star had filled in her eyebrows or perhaps added a layer of tinted moisturizer to her face.

Speaking to Elle last year, Demi revealed the first cosmetics product she ever purchased.

“A lipstick at the Clinique counter when I was five using my tooth fairy money. I’m a makeup girl. I played with it a lot growing up—my mom let me.”

Demi did also talk makeup-free selfies, with a top tip for them dished.

“It’s all about being confident without makeup. I’ve always been confident without makeup. Also, having great lighting and a good angle helps,” Demi said.

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Love this lewk ????

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When it comes to makeup, Hollywood stars seem to fall into two categories. The majority come with a full face. Enough photos of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande have proven this. Then again, with stars such as Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis flying the flag for the bare-faced look, it looks like this industry is filled with both kinds of celebrity.

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