Megan Thee Stallion's Thong Bikini Twerking Video Is Outrageous On Every Possible Level

Hip-hop definitely seems to have ushered in the era of outrageous music videos. Megan Thee Stallion may not yet be as famous as Nicki Minaj and her risqué videos, but the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper has partnered up with the Queen star. Megan's latest track features Nicki, and it looks like it comes with a music video that Minaj would approve of.

While the sneak preview posted by Megan today didn't feature Nicki, it definitely gave fans plenty to look at. The video featured a mash-up of scenes with twerking galore, plus thong and string bikinis donned in a way that would likely have parents shutting their phones down if the kids were nearby. The video showed Megan alongside others, though some of the twerking footage didn't show faces, though. That was, however, more than made up for by the amount of skin on show, with some scantily-clad ladies partying it up in barely-there bikinis. The sight of females grinding their rears against guys in swimming trunks also upped the ante – in short, this video was outrageous in every possible way.

Megan's video quickly racked up the views, though -- over 240,000 were clocked within just 50 minutes of the update going live. The same timeframe brought over 4,300 fans into the post's comments section, as many queried why Minaj hadn't been featured in the footage.

Megan appears to be a fast-rising star in the music world. The rapper also appears to have struck up an unexpected friendship with model Jordyn Woods -- Kylie Jenner's former best friend. This month proved to be a major talking point for both Woods' fans and Megan's, with two photos showing the girls hanging out together.
While one image showed the two in swimwear on a sports court, another turned things up by virtue of the photo being a raunchy bedroom snap where they were wearing mini dresses.
Raunchy music videos have become the norm in the world of hip-hop and rap. Minaj is not alone here, with adult dancing and skimpy clothing displays also seen from the likes of "Money Bag" rapper Cardi B. Sexual themes have also been visited by pop artists such as Miley Cyrus – the SHE IS COMING singer's "Mothers' Daughter" video this year definitely caused a stir.

As to twerking, this trend has yet to die down. Singer Rita Ora recently made headlines for her twerk, per the Daily Mail.

Megan has 4.4 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by celebrities, including Hailey Bieber and Modern Family actress Ariel Winter. Of course, Nicki follows Megan.