Ariel Winter Looks Mind-Blowing In Electric Red Crop Top, 30-Pound Weight Loss Visible

Ariel Winter is looking sensational these days. The Modern Family star has made major headlines for her 30-pound weight loss this year, as The Inquisitr has previously documented. The 21-year-old's latest social media update seems to be proof that she's kept the weight off.

Earlier today, Ariel updated her Instagram. The star hadn't opted to be photographed full-length, but her fit and curvy frame was more than visible. Ariel was rocking a cute and pretty tiny crop top in an electric shade of red, with white writing across it mostly blocked from view by the actress' long brown hair. Fans may have been blown away by Ariel's beauty, but they were likely noticing the fierce ab display. With space between the crop top and a pair of jeans showing off the star's flat stomach, this was one reminder: Ariel may have curves, but she's got muscles backing them up.

Ariel posed for the photo with her hands casually-placed on her waist and little in the way of fancy flourishes. The star may have applied a little makeup, but her fresh-faced finish was the opposite of overdone. Ariel delivered the warm smile she's so adored for, although she got cheeky with her caption.

The update definitely seemed to have proven a hit. It had racked up over 126,000 likes within just 35 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought more than 770 fans into the post's comments section.

As The Daily Mail reports, Ariel's weight loss journey hasn't come with the standard stereotype. The actress was also a victim of some pretty hurtful trolling on social media, although she clapped back.

"You're actually gorgeous. But pills and nose candy go hand in hand with Hollywood. Enjoy yourself, but don't get ruined by it," a fan had written.

"And yes!! My psychiatrist switched me from my previous anti depressant that didn't work and made me gain weight, to coke/meth!! Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated my metabolism. Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it," Ariel responded.

Ariel has, however, upped her fitness game of late. The star has mentioned her trainer in interviews, even stating that she wanted to gain a little weight back.

Celebrities shedding the pounds will always make a headline. Over in the reality TV world, it's been seen with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian. Over in music scene, singer Demi Lovato has shown the world her trimmed-down shape. Ariel appears to have joined the pile of famous faces who look great slimmer, although this girl would be beautiful at any weight.