August 27, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre On Her Claim Against Prince Andrew: 'I Hope He Comes Clean'

The woman who said that Jeffrey Epstein recruited her into a sex ring when she was an underage girl is reiterating her claim against Britain's Prince Andrew, saying that the member of the royal family needs to come clean regarding claims that she was forced to have sex with him.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17, and spoke out publicly about her allegation outside a New York City court on Tuesday. As Sky News reported, Giuffre was one of more than 20 women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the now-deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein to speak out at a court hearing.

Prince Andrew was a major topic of discussion at Tuesday's press conference, with Virginia Roberts Giuffre saying that "he knows what he's done" and calling on the member of the British royal family to come clean about it.

Giuffre had already said in court filings that she was instructed to have sex with Prince Andrew and did have intercourse with him "three times, including one orgy" in London and another "orgy" at Jeffrey Epstein's private island in the Caribbean. She also claimed that they had sex at Epstein's Florida home, where she would have been under the age of consent.

Prince Andrew publicly denied the claims in a statement released over the weekend, distancing himself from Jeffrey Epstein despite a number of pictures showing the two together. As Daily Mail reported, Prince Andrew was also listed on the flight logs for Epstein's private jet.

His statement has come under scrutiny in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's death and Giuffre going public with her allegations, which had previously been mostly relegated to her claims made in court against Epstein.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre had claimed in a 2016 lawsuit against Epstein that he and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell kept her as a sex slave and directed her to have sex with many of Epstein's rich and powerful friends. Court documents, released just hours before Epstein's suicide in a Manhattan jail cell, showed new details about these allegations. As The Daily Beast reported, Giuffre claimed in her deposition that she was directed to have sex with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Prince Andrew. There were other unnamed figures that she identified, including a foreign president, well-known prime minister, and another prince.

Like Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and others explicitly named by Giuffre have released statements vehemently denying the allegations.