Kara Del Toro Spreads Legs In Eye-Popping Tiny String Bikini

Kara Del Toro is once again rocking a bikini. The Maxim model may have opted for an apple-picking snap in Daisy Dukes just yesterday, but the trademark two-piece was bound to return. Kara has delivered yet another sizzling swimwear update, alongside a reminder of just why she's got 1 million Instagram followers.

Kara's photos today came straight from her photoshoot for Guess Jeans – she might model bikinis on Instagram, but her resume comes with some solid muscle. The fashion label has snapped Kara up for its campaign this year, and with good reason. This star's killer body might be a talking point for the majority of her fans, but a substantial amount of Kara's followers really dig this girl's style.

The first photo posted by Kara showed her seated. The blonde had been photographed from above, with a low-key vibe and Polaroid-like effects on the left of the frame adding a somewhat gritty feel. Kara herself was heating things up, though. The model was posing for the camera in an eye-popping, tiny black bikini, with a string and halterneck finish maximizing the star's assets. Kara was captured with her legs slightly spread into a v-shape, although the semi-folded left leg kept things from getting too steamy. A stylish shirt was worn open over the bikini – this was, after all, a fashion shoot.

Kara's updates don't take long to rack up the likes: over 8,700 were clocked within just one hour of going live.

Today's post may have showcased Kara in a bikini, but fans swiping to the right saw a different side to the model. With Kara posing in a hoodie, this image seemed to be a reminder that while skimpy swimwear is a part of this blonde's style identity, not all photos on Kara's feed see her rocking a two-piece. In fact, stylish and sparkly dress displays are a fairly regular occurrence for Kara.

When it comes to style, Kara has aired her thoughts. Her interview with Toronto Paradise even saw her name-drop an Italian designer that she adores.
"More so than a specific person or brand I'm inspired by the 90's, I love high waisted shorts and destroyed denim, I love flannels and lace-up boots. I'm also a fan of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana because their designs are so feminine, I like to mix feminine and masculine, I like leather and lace. I'm inspired by other models and the fashionable women of LA, my tastes are constantly changing, but I like to keep it pretty simple and stay comfortable."
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