Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Faces Angry Questions From Nina & Michael Fills In Sonny

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

As Sasha clings to life and fights a rare strain of the avian flu, those close to her are scrambling to deal with this dire situation. General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode indicate that Nina and Michael, in particular, will be trying to find answers and ways to hold Cassandra accountable for causing this life-threatening illness.

Cassandra sent Nina a text showing the photo she took with Michael and Sasha in Puerto Rico. Now Finn can understand how Sasha got sick, presuming that Cassandra specifically poisoned her, but knowing that she’s involved changes the overall scope of this situation.

Finn insisted on looping in both Anna and Chase, utilizing the resources of both the WSB and the PCPD as a result. Now, others are spreading the word too. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for the August 28 show reveal that Michael will connect with Sonny and tell him what has happened.

Michael will tell Sonny that Cassandra wanted Nina to know what she did was payback. Of course, Nina knows exactly what Cassandra means by this. However, the Corinthos plan isn’t really looped in on the hostility and history between Cassandra, Valentin, and Nina. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the two men will feel they have some pertinent information here.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Michael and Sonny will head to the PCPD together. It’s not all that often that Sonny voluntarily goes to the PCPD to be particularly helpful, so it’ll be interesting to see what the two Corinthos men feel compelled to share.

Nina is beside herself knowing not only that Sasha is gravely ill, but that Cassandra caused the illness in order to taunt Nina. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will drive Nina to be blunt and intense in questioning Jax.

She already knows that Jax has been gathering information on Cassandra himself, but she doesn’t know why. She’s tried to get him to reveal more about his interest in Cassandra and he has resisted. Now, General Hospital spoilers share that she will tear into him as she demands answers.

As the week continues, Jax will seemingly back away from a situation, perhaps giving Nina some space to be with Valentin and Sasha. In addition, Valentin will ask Curtis to help him with something and he’ll be willing to pay him a significant fee for his services.

Will Sasha survive this illness? Will Nina and Valentin find a way to take down Cassandra to be rid of her once and for all? Will viewers ever find out who the mystery Cassadine man was who was involved in sneaking her away from Finn and Anna all those months ago? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed too much more regarding where this heads next, but fans are anxious for answers.