Ana Cheri Gets Ready For Date Night In Barely-There Lingerie

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Ana Cheri had a little fun with her followers on Instagram Tuesday. She showed them how she gets ready for an evening with her husband by wearing lacy lingerie that did not leave much to the imagination.

In the sexy triple post, Cheri stood in a bathroom in front of a vanity. Her white lingerie ensemble included a bra that featured a lace strap that covered the middle of her breasts. The set also included a pair of skimpy, string panties, a garter strap that accentuated her slender waist, and thigh-high stockings. Cheri also wore a white robe that fell off of her shoulders and hung around her elbows. The beauty had her hair wrapped up in a white towel. Her makeup was flawless with a bright red lip to give off a sensual, yet feminine vibe. While the lingerie was lovely, Cheri’s incredible body was the center of attention.

In the first snap, Cheri faced the camera and leaned against the vanity, holding a tube of red lipstick in her hand. With one knee bent, she blew a kiss to the camera with her eyes closed. The second photo showed Cheri applying the lipstick to her lips, glancing at something just beyond the camera. In the third shot, Cheri flashed a smile for the camera.

In the photo’s caption, the stunner said she was getting ready for a night with her man.

Cheri’s fans were thrilled with the post.

“Your man is a lucky one,” one admirer told the bombshell.

“Sooooo freaking stunning!” another follower wrote.

One fan told Cheri that she looked “mind blowing,” while another told her she was “absolutely breathtaking.”

“Insanely gorgeous, every single centimeter of your body is heavenly,” said one fan.

Fans of the Instagram sensation know that the man in Cheri’s life is Ben Moreland. In July, the couple recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

Cheri and her hubby run the Be More Athletic gym in Los Angeles. The couple share a passion for fitness and Cheri’s figure is an example of what exercise and eating right can do for a body. Cheri runs Cheri Fit, an athletic apparel company. She also sells workout plans for women who want to get in shape.

Moreland often takes photos of Cheri, and he recently shared one of his favorite snaps of his lovely wife.

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I saw @nigelbarker post about #WorldPhotographyDay so I thought I would repost one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. I guess it’s not surprising that all my top favorite photos are of @anacheri but for the moment at least this one beats out all the rest. It is a beautiful photo but what really puts it at the top of my list is that it captures a moment and a feeling. The golden warmth of the light on Ana and in the clouds. The shades the sky turns as it meets the horizon and then the rich green of the island. I love this photo and just looking at it makes me feel like I am there. - Tag your favorite photographers below so I can see their amazing talent or just tag people you think would like this photo. Thank you!

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