WWE Rumors: 'Raw' Plans Changed At Last Minute For One Tag Team, Message Sent To All Other Teams

Last night on Monday Night Raw, a huge Tag Team Turmoil Match took place and involved numerous superstars from the main roster. The match was eventually won by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, who will now get a tag title shot at Clash of Champions, but there may be a bigger story in place. Plans for one tag team were changed at the last minute and a warning has now been sent out to all other teams in the company.

In the Tag Team Turmoil, the Viking Raiders ended up being eliminated from the match along with The OC in a very unpopular finish. A huge brawl broke out between the two teams, which led to them both being disqualified and eliminated from the match.

Fans ended up booing this result as they didn't like there being a non-clean finish like that in such a big match. It also came from the fact that the Viking Raiders have been given virtually nothing to do since hitting the main roster, and it almost happened again this week.

According to PW Insider, by way of Ringside News, the Raiders were scheduled to face an enhancement team in yet another squash match. It seems as if someone in WWE decided that wasn't the best idea and changed plans to incorporate them into the Tag Team Turmoil.

The Viking Raiders deliver a finishing move on

After eliminating The B-Team, fans may have thought that the Raiders had a decent shot in this match, but it wasn't meant to be. The OC hit the ring and led to that stiff brawl which took both teams out of the running for a title match at Clash of Champions, which went to Roode and Ziggler.

Later on in the night, the Viking Raiders were seen backstage in a WWE exclusive video and asked about their loss earlier. The YouTube video detailed how unhappy the two beasts were about the double disqualification, and they wanted to put all teams in WWE and NXT on notice.

One good thing about this video is that it finally seems as if the Viking Raiders are going to have some direction in WWE. For months, they have squashed enhancement talent and won matches that showcase nothing more than them being strong and dominant but going nowhere.

Another interesting thing about this video is how they not only warned teams on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live but also in NXT. With NXT moving to Wednesday nights next month, it seems as if all three brands could possibly intermingle with one another when it comes to championships.