Pete Davidson Freaks Out During Comedic Set In Florida

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Though Pete Davidson may be known for his comedic chops, the 25-year-old has at least one pet peeve that he finds no laughing matter. When doing a comedic set at the University of Central Florida, the Saturday Night Live actor stopped his routine to rant about students using their cell phones, as seen in a video obtained by Page Six.

The concert was a free event hosted by the University of Central Florida to welcome students back for the fall semester. Though there were several signs that told concertgoers not to record Davidson’s stand-up routine, many students reportedly either ignored or did not see the request. When Davidson realized that he was being filmed, he flipped out.

“That’s what’s f–ked up. You were the one filming. That’s right, we’re embarrassing. That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years because you’re all f–king retarded,” he ranted.

“I meant it that way, idiots. You should f–king grow up. It says no phones. … You’re just supposed to just like behave. I have to have my boy patrol you guys like you’re 5 years old? That’s f–king embarrassing,” Davidson continued.

He also reportedly called the audience the “r-word” and “b*tches,” as well as lambasting their privilege.

However, the comic soon realized that his tirade was backfiring, and tried to turn his angry rant into a motivational speech.

“You should grow up,” he added in a switch of tone. “Where’s the next generation? … Don’t you want your parents to be proud of you?”

However, despite the change of tactics, many concertgoers were nonetheless not impressed with Davidson’s behavior.

“He was like mad [because] no one was LAUGHING! [You] could feel the tension and how uncomfortable it was,” tweeted one attendee.

Since the concert, the University of Central Florida has expressed their “disappointment” with how Davidson had handled the event. In a statement, the University particularly lambasted Davidson’s foul language and his use of a derogatory slur.

Davidson is stranger to controversy. He ruffled some feathers after being accused of using his former relationship with pop star Ariana Grande for comedic fodder on SNL. In addition, he recently claimed that he wanted someone to “slam” his mother to get him “off his back,” as reported by The Inquisitr.

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Davidson is not the first comedian to try to limit cell phone footage of his show. Others, such as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, and Michael Che have gone so far as to even require attendees to put concert cases over their phones that can only be unlocked by staff, per Guide Live.

Davidson has yet to make any comments on the University of Central Florida incident.