Carrie Underwood Shares The Most Adorable Pics Of Her ‘Furbabies’ To Instagram

Rick DiamondGetty Images for CMA

Carrie Underwood shared the most adorable photos of her “furbabies” to Instagram in honor of National Dog Day. The adorable pups, who share a home with the country superstar, were honored by the singer with their own social media post.

Underwood, who is married to Mike Fisher and is a mother to Isaiah and Jacob, considers her dogs her children as well. The pups whose names are Ace and Penny are just as cute as can be.

The two photos the country music sensation uploaded were snaps of the pups sleeping and sitting in her suitcase.

Fans went wild for the pics, knowing how much Underwood loves her dogs and how much she cherishes the time she spends with them alongside her family. She has brought her dogs on tour with her and once revealed on her Instagram that when she was done performing and walked on her tour bus, seeing Penny’s face made her heart melt.

But being a dog mom is not without its mishaps as well. Underwood shared a harrowing story to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in 2015 where she detailed a scary incident, which is available on YouTube, involving her dogs and then infant son Isaiah.

She explained that she and Fisher were at the airport with the car was running, the radio was on, and the air conditioning on when their family came to see them off. She and Fisher got out of the front seat and shut the doors behind them to get their luggage out, leaving the pups and her baby in the car.

ABC News reported that was when the unexpected happened, leaving the country music superstar dumbfounded as to what to do next.

“Immediately, one of the dogs jumped up on the little control panel on the door, and I heard the thing click. I was like, ‘The doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked!'”

The couple, who did not have a spare key on them, were frantic to try and get the baby and the dogs out of the car safely. She recalled that she and Fisher were trying to open the car door. She even tried to get the dogs to come back over to the door and step on the button to release the locks, reversing what they initially did to cause the chaos.

Fisher’s brother ultimately had to break the car window in order to open the door.

Carrie Underwood, her husband, sons, and pups likely now always travel with a spare key for their vehicle just in case!

The singer and songwriter will host the 2019 CMA Awards alongside Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton. This will be the first time Underwood will not host alongside fellow country artist Brad Paisley. The two have co-hosted country’s biggest night since 2008.

The 2019 CMA Awards will air Wednesday, November 13 on ABC.