'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: The Week 9 Power Of Veto Ceremony Is Held & The Nominations Are Finalized

The Week 9 Power of Veto ceremony was held in the Big Brother 21 house on Monday afternoon and the nominations are now finalized. This week brought the twist of having a "Practical Joker" who got to choose a nominee, but interestingly, it didn't end up impacting the Head of Household's plans.

Heading into the POV ceremony, Holly Allen had nominated Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy. As The Inquisitr shared over the weekend, Jackson Michie won the POV competition and he signaled that he had no plans to pull either Nick or Christie off of the nomination block.

Holly wants to see Nick head to the jury house and Jackson is fully aligned with her efforts. However, Big Brother spoilers suggest that Nick tried to talk Jackson into a different approach anyway.

According to Big Brother Network, Nick talked with Nicole late Sunday night about the idea he was pitching to Jackson. He talked about having Jackson save Christie, and since Nick won the Practical Joker power, it seems he figured he could then put someone else up as a nominee that he might be able to beat in votes.

Jackson didn't waver though, and Big Brother spoilers reveal that he did not use his POV on Monday. Big Brother spoilers from the feeds showed that throughout the day Monday, Nick kept working on convincing Jackson and Holly to align with him and use the POV. However, Jackson said he simply couldn't do it.

In all likelihood, this means that Nick will be evicted over Christie Thursday night. However, as Twitter spoiler account @BB_Updates noted, Christie and Jackson talked about the fact that Nick should not be counted out. He has his work cut out for him if he wants to find a way to avoid eviction, but he has pulled off some surprising shifts before.

The Inquisitr recently detailed that a new alliance has solidified over the past few days and this gives Jackson and Holly a bit more power. Heading into last week's eviction, Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony talked with Jackson and Holly about working together. The four have now promised they are together until the rest of the BB21 houseguests are gone, but they've managed to keep this development under the radar.

Nicole seems to be struggling a bit with needing to vote out Nick. In addition, Big Brother spoilers note that Tommy has noted that he is feeling stressed being pulled between Nick and Christie.

Despite all of that, at this point, it would appear that both Tommy and Nicole probably will vote to keep Christie on Thursday night. Nicole might switch gears and vote to keep Nick, knowing that it doesn't save him, and since Jessica Milagros isn't a fan of Nick's, she'll surely vote to evict him too.

Can Nick work some magic and find a way to stick around and see Christie head to the jury house? Last week, Christie seemed certain to be headed toward an eviction, but she managed to make Analyse Talavera the target instead.

Now, Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone will both be scrambling to avoid eviction and fans will be curious to see if anything changes over the next couple of days. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers to see whether Holly Allen and Jackson Michie can be convinced to change their plans as Week 9 progresses.