Sierra Skye Sets Instagram On Fire In Neon String Bikini: 'You With Me Or What?'

Sierra Skye is once again heating up Instagram. The secret to Sierra's rising following may not have officially been debunked, but with one of the most fierce bodies on the platform, this blonde is making headway for a reason. Sierra's sizzling bikini or one-piece displays have earned her the 4.1 million fans backing her. Then again, that figure is bound to be outdated in the not-too-distant future as fans continue to subscribe to Sierra's updates.

Today has delivered Sierra in one of her most fierce bikinis. The blonde had opted for neon shades of yellow-green, with a strung finish adding plenty of effect.

Sierra was photographed in what appeared to be a garage with her leaning against the open doorway of a car. While the camera hadn't taken Sierra's frame in full length, it had more than captured this star's incredible physique. Sierra's super-slim waist, curvy hips, and cleavage were all on show, with a cut-out panel at the bust more than flaunting the model's upper assets. Sierra had been snapped in a mostly full-frontal positioning, although a head turned to the side and looking downward added a little mystery. Eye contact isn't always guaranteed from this sensation, but engagement is.

A simple caption from Sierra appeared to ask her fans whether they're on-board with her, with Sierra also giving a nod to the Pretty Little Thing brand of bikini being donned.

Sierra's update today proved popular in no time. It had racked up over 24,000 likes within just 30 minutes of going live, with the same time frame bringing over 220 fans into the post's comments section. Unsurprisingly, the model received an outpouring of love, with many fans opting down the fire or alien emoji route.Today did see Sierra act as an influencer – models on Instagram need to pay rent just like everyone else. The near-daily bikini, bathing suit, or dress updates from Sierra almost always include a brand mention, with a fair amount of fans picking up on the model's style. Anyone jumping to conclusions that Sierra's sexy body is the only thing remarked on will find themselves corrected by seeing the fans asking questions about her style in various posts.Pretty Little Thing got some excellent exposure today. The affordable clothing brand may have had collaborations with better-known faces including Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Graham, but the label still relies on micro-influencers to spread its name across social media. Sierra seems to be doing an excellent job.

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