Bernie Sanders Says Mitch McConnell Is 'Undemocratic,' Blames Him For Obstructing Congress

Bernie Sanders says that there is "very little" happening in Congress, and it's all Mitch McConnell's fault. According to an interview with The Hill, the Independent senator from Vermont attacked the Republican from Kentucky, saying that he is obstructing progress and has caused Congress to grind to a standstill.

"McConnell can vote any way he wants on an issue but what I find really outrageous and extremely undemocratic is his obstructionism and his refusal to allow major legislation to come to the floor for a debate and for a vote," Sanders said.

As The Inquisitr reported, recent polls show Sanders tied with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren for support among the Democratic nominees for president in the 2020 race. As one of the leading candidates for president, Sanders says that he feels that the Senate Majority Leader is preventing "real debate" from reaching the senate floor.

"So essentially, while enormous problems face this country - everybody knows it, there's very little that's going in the Senate, it is a do-nothing body and that is because of McConnell," he continued.

As a result, Sanders feels that voters in the Bluegrass State need to demand that their representative stop obstructing progress to allow Congress to help working families.

He called for voters to "demand that their United States Senate allow real debate on the floor so that we can begin to do something to represent working families."

McConnell has accused Democrats of being the ones who are harming middle-class voters. He recently claimed that Democrats are trying to raise taxes and allow the federal government to claim control over the average voters' life.

The 2020 candidate was speaking in Louisville, Kentucky to a crowd of supporters before speaking with The Hill. Both he and Elizabeth Sanders, who is one of the leading candidates in the race, have suggested that Democrats should work to end the filibuster in the Senate. Currently, the legislature can filibuster any law that comes to a vote, requiring a 60-vote majority to pass any major legislation.

Sanders got some good news on Monday after a new poll showed that both he and Warren had climbed in the polls, showing about 20 percent each among Democratic voters in the polls. Meanwhile, Joe Biden had dropped dramatically in the polls, sinking from 36 to just 19 percent among voters. The results give Warren and Sanders a promising road ahead to the nomination, which will pit whoever wins against Donald Trump in the 2020 election.