Kara Del Toro Picks Apples In Spilling Polka-Dot Shirt & Daisy Dukes

Kara Del Toro is back on Instagram. The Maxim model seems to be marking the approaching fall with what the summer season has brought, and clearly, the fruit is ripe where this Texan is hanging out. Kara has taken to Instagram with a fruit-centric post, although this update didn't hold back on showcasing the model's fierce body.

Kara's photo today showed her in an orchard backed by lake waters. The scenic setting was somewhat sunny, although Kara herself appeared in the shade and directly under an apple tree. The blonde was pulling off her usual cute-yet-sexy feel as she reached up to the tree to pick an apple with a basket full of them, suggesting she'd already picked plenty. Today's look may not have brought Kara's signature swimwear, but fans would likely agree that the ensemble was a fitting one.

Kara was flaunting her killer curves in a summery and short-sleeved shirt with black polka dots offsetting a white palette, although the trademark cleavage-flashing was all there. Kara's sexy bust was eye-catching, although her entire physique seemed to be ticking boxes. The model was outfitted in a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes just about covering her peachy rear, with the camera also appearing to have taken in her shapely and trim thighs. With a straw hat and the basket's wooded finish, this photo definitely proved a picture.

Kara took to her caption to ask how her fans have been enjoying the warm months, with a name-drop made to clothing retailer Boohoo also acknowledging the brand responsible for today's outfit.

It looks like the update has proven a hit. The likes quickly came in as over 2,700 were clocked within just 30 minutes of Kara's update going live. Then again, with 1 million Instagram followers, this model comes with a fanbase awaiting her updates.

Food does occasionally feature on Kara's account. The model has recently spent time in Italy, with a few mouth-watering foodie moments shared to her feed. Having an appetite is also something that Kara has mentioned in interviews. Speaking to Toronto Paradise, the star revealed that her lifestyle approach is a mindful one, although treats definitely factor into her life.
"I go hiking at least 3 times a week, I also do yoga and meditation. I try to eat healthy most of the time, but I do love pizza and chocolate. I just make sure to amp up my workouts after I indulge, you have to indulge every once in a while or you'll go crazy, but a healthy well-balanced diet is important, making sure you're doing cardio at least 3 times a week and drinking lots of green tea, it boosts the metabolism."