Hilde Osland Flaunts Curves Wearing Tight Crop Top In Sunset Snap

Hilde Osland has spent a good deal of her summer on the beach. She has shared some incredible photos that not only capture the landscape but also her classic beauty. On Monday, she updated her Instagram account with a post that showed off her fabulous figure as well as a golden sunset.

In a series of six photos, the blond bombshell stood with the sun setting behind her. She wore a skin-tight yellow crop top and a pair of torn white jeans. The top hugged every inch of her cleavage and left plenty of her tight abs to see. With the setting sun behind her and yellow hues in the background, the photos had an almost dreamy vibe. Her bronzed skin glowed as sunlight hit it from behind. She wore her hair up in a messy bun tied with a bandanna. The beauty's face was fully made up with natural tones and a coral color on her lips. She accessorized the look with gold necklaces, a bracelet and hoop earrings.

The first and second snaps were taken from the front, with Osland standing in front of the sun. Another photo showed Osland from the side. She looked over her shoulder and gave the camera a sexy look as her perky booty filled out the jeans. Another angle showed the stunner facing the ocean, smiling as she gazed ahead. The last shot of the set showed most of Osland's body as she stood with her hands in her hair looking down.

Osland's fans raved over the photos, and within an hour of going live, the post garnered more than 13,000 likes and almost 300 comments.

Two admirers told the beauty she was the most beautiful woman on the planet, while another told her that her smile was contagious. Others were taken aback by Osland's beauty.

In the photo's caption, Osland said nothing beats a West Australian sunset.

"I know what beats a WA sunset, YOU! You're more Beautiful than a WA sunset and your eyes are more Beautiful than the bluest water!" one fan wrote.

One fan told Osland that she was a "life-altering beauty," and another told her she was an angel.

One admirer even told Osland she was hot like the surface the sun.

Fans of Osland know that she seems to love spending time on the beach. Most of her photos show her modeling bikinis, but even when she is wearing more clothing, she is still drop-dead gorgeous.