Emily Ratajkowski Spreads Legs In Unbuttoned Pajamas With A Peach, Instagram Thinks She Looks Like A Snack

When it comes to spot-on social media updates, Emily Ratajkowski just keeps on delivering. The supermodel and Inamorata founder might pose in swimwear and lingerie as her trademark, but this 28-year-old will switch things up at times. EmRata has taken to the platform in cute nightwear, although her post today doubled up as a foodie moment with some fruit.

Emily's photos showed her in a low-frills kitchen setting that may well have been her home. The brunette had been photographed perched on the edge of a counter, with the update including both a posed moment and a more candid one. The opening snap saw Emily sitting with her hands between her legs as she gave off a bit of a bombshell vibe, although the second photo upped the ante – here, the model had her limbs a little more open with a peach held to her mouth, her expression leaning toward being caught off-guard.

Emily was rocking a skimpy pajama set comprised of a blush pink shirt with a tiny pair of matching shorts. Cute black polka dots adorned the two-piece, with an unbuttoned finish flashing hints of the star's cleavage. Emily appeared beautifully made-up, although the look wasn't overly glamorous. EmRata appeared to be fresh out of bed with slightly messy hair; however, fans would likely argue that the bedhead look only enhanced the shoot's effect.

EmRata had used a fun emoji that seemed to reflect the fruit she was holding, although it could well have been interpreted as a peachy rear – which, of course, Emily has.

Instagram seems to think that Emily looks like a snack.

"Heaven on earth," one fan wrote.

"You look stunning," another said.

"I will bite," one fan wrote before using the same emoji that Emily had.

Countless other replies sent the model love, with many a fan opting for the emoji route. Emily's update quickly proved popular on the likes front: over 200,000 were clocked within just one hour of the post going live. The same time frame brought over 620 fans into the post's comments section.

This wouldn't be the first update featuring Emily and food of late. Emily recently updated her Instagram with a slice of pizza – clearly, this is one model who doesn't fit the "model eating rabbit food" stereotype. Emily seems to come with a healthy appetite, although her super-fit frame and ripped abs seem to suggest that she's a workout girl. Emily did spark some concern on the weight front with her 2019 Met Gala appearance, but most fans seem willing to accept that the model's slender proportions are due to her genes.

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