Jenna Jameson Flaunts Her Curvy Backside In Sexy New Snap As She Shows Off Her 80-Pound Weight Loss

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson shared a new Instagram post over the weekend that was designed to tease her long-time husband, Lior Bitton, who was out of town. As it turns out, it appears to have successfully teased her social media followers, too. Jameson has spent the past couple of years embracing a healthy lifestyle and it definitely shows in this sultry snapshot.

On Sunday, Jameson took a selfie that she shared on Instagram. She was wearing a sexy one-piece bathing suit that deliciously hugged all of her curves. Jameson noted that she was taking this shot to entice her lover to come home, noting that moms can be hot too.

There is little doubt that Bitton loved this photo of his wife. In fact, he quickly commented on the sultry photo, jokingly telling Jameson not to move and that he was on his way. Bitton may have been away from the family's new condo in Hawaii for a short time, but it doesn't look as if he was going to be able to stay away for long.

Naturally, this selfie of Jameson's did a fabulous job of showing off the 80 pounds or so of weight that she has lost over the past couple of years. Jameson has been quite open with her social media followers about her efforts in this regard, which have included following a keto diet, staying sober, and using intermittent fasting to improve her fitness.

As People recently detailed, Jameson turned to the keto diet as a way to lose her baby weight after having her daughter, Batel Lu, a couple of years ago. Jameson loves to share side-by-side photo comparisons to inspire and educate her followers so they can have the same kind of success she has had. She doesn't hesitate to showcase her curvy figure in frequent sultry selfies like this one.

In this latest snap, Jameson is wearing her long, blonde hair down in gorgeous, casual waves that cascade over one shoulder and down her back. She is kneeling on the carpet in one of the rooms of her condo, twisting to show off her pert booty and curvy hips as she snaps the photograph.

The photo quickly garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from Jameson's fans, who thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her adult film career may be far behind her, but it is clear that Jenna Jameson can still flaunt what she's got and get pulses racing without too much effort.