Kara Del Toro Sets Instagram On Fire In White Crochet Bikini

Another day means another bikini for unofficial swimwear queen Kara Del Toro. The Maxim model and Guess face has been racking up the Instagram followers on account of her sizzling body and stunning smile, although a fair few of Kara's followers seem in it for the stylish apparel alone. Kara was rocking a navy blue bikini over the weekend as she promoted the Bali Body tanning oil brand she collaborates with, but it looks like there's been a wardrobe change (and setting one).

Earlier today, Kara took to her Instagram stories from the beach. The model didn't send out a full-length shot, but the camera had definitely taken in her swimwear. Kara was seen planted on the sand as she bronzed her goddess body in a tiny and crochet-knit bikini, with the white color perfectly offsetting her tan skin. The snap managed to deliver the Texan's killer cleavage, slim thighs, and upbeat grin all at once, with Kara's selfie mode keeping things low-frills. The model appeared fully relaxed and carefree, with a vibe that seemed to be the opposite of glam. Fans didn't see much in the way of makeup, with Kara's scraped-back hair also toning things down.

Some multicolor umbrellas and towels in the background suggested that the beach was being occupied by others, although Kara's fans likely only had eyes for her.

Kara definitely seems to be a fan of all things white. Earlier this month, the star updated her Instagram from a luxe-looking yacht setting, with a white chain bikini completing the image's glossy feel. That said, overly glossy isn't this girl's jam. Kara will opt for professional photography, but things aren't OTT on her feed.As followers of Kara's account will know, the model is hugely into travel. August has seen Kara exploring Italy, with both ocean and land snaps documenting her escapades. Beaches may factor into Kara's free time, but they likewise play a role in her career. Speaking to Toronto Paradise in 2016, Kara mentioned a photoshoot that involved a shorefront setting.
"It's funny that you ask, my agent and I went to the dunes to shoot, we were really excited about it, but it's not as fun as it looks. We drove 3 hours to get there, at one point we had to push my car through the sand, we hiked up and down these giant dunes to get to the shoot location with all of the wardrobe, makeup and camera equipment (it's quite a workout). Once we got to the spot, we wanted to shoot it was basically a sand storm, I mean it was almost impossible to keep your eyes open, they just kept watering from all the sand!"