Kate Bock Rocks A Floral Bikini

Aaron DavidsonGetty Images

Kate Bock has been sharing plenty of Instagram posts today, but she kicked it off with a bang with a bikini selfie.

The photo received over 12,000 likes and showed her posing in a luxurious bathroom at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel.

Kate was spotted in a floral bikini with a top that was structured and resembled a bra, while the bottoms were small and hugged her hips. She pursed her lips slightly, while holding her phone in her left hand.

Bock also wore her hair down, and let it fall in front of her face somewhat. Behind her, you could see a white bathtub. And in front of her, she laid out a spread of beauty products. In the captions, she went into depth about describing which products she likes to use.

Fans seemed to love the photo, and many people took the time to leave her compliments.

“Pretty ensemble!” said a fan.

“Wow Kate Bock always looking good,” said another fan.

“Bock always brings good chemistry,” added a follower.

Some followers also referred to the caption.

“These new bikinis are SO cute also, only you could make sensitive teeth sexy,” noted a follower.

“Be careful of aluminium in deoderants, it’s not good for you,” advised an Instagram user.

“You are stunning? But why the toothpaste selection?” asked another Instagram user.

In addition, Kate took the time to respond to a comment.

“Need take you out for a burger lol,” said a fan.

“I love burgers,” replied Kate.

“Let’s go I’ll make them homemade at home for us hahaha,” joked the fan.

But one person jumped in on the conversation.

“Insinuating what? She is far from too skinny like a lot of models, she’s perfect.. and kevin is the man..,” they said.

Kevin even made an appearance on Kate’s Instagram feed today, as she shared a shot of them posing at the airport. The model wore a super tight pair of gray leggings, along with a white sweater and matching baseball hat. Kevin, on the other hand, wore a tan t-shirt and gray pants. He placed one arm around the model, as she hugged it.

The post also promoted The Private Suite, which is a business that caters to high-end clientele. Instead of waiting for a plane at the airport, the service will shuttle you to and from your flight, and provide luxurious amenities.

Fans will likely have to wait and see where she and Kevin are headed. Hopefully, she’ll update everyone soon.