Dolly Castro Channels Her Inner Cheetah On Instagram

Dolly Castro wears a black outfit.
Missdollycastro / Instagram

Dolly Castro shared a new photo today, and it was geotagged at Huntington Beach, California.

The photo showed her posing on a path, which was surrounded on both sides by green plants and white flowers. The model faced the camera straight-on and wore a cheetah-ensemble.

The outfit consisted of two, matching pieces. Her top was a crop top, which had off-the-shoulder sleeves with ruffles. The top also had a tie accent in the middle, which she tied into a bow. In addition, she wore a pair of cheetah-print pants. They were high-waisted and had a wide, flare cut. This meant that her shoes were completely obscured by the pants, so it’s hard to know what she wore underneath.

Stylish as ever, Castro completed her look with a matching purse, which he held in her right hand. The bag was also cheetah-print and featured a handle with large, pearl-like beading.

Dolly rocked an orange manicure, which popped in the shot. She also didn’t wear a necklace, but her gold earrings peeked through.

In addition, the model’s makeup consisted of glossy, pink lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and dark mascara. She also wore her hair down in a middle part, which she curled at the ends. Her highlights glowed in the photo.

Castro smiled widely for the photo and appeared to be enjoying herself.

Tons of fans flooded the comments section, with many people complimenting Dolly on her outfit.

“This outfit is so beautiful on you lit,” said a fan.

“Gorgeous dressup mam,” said another fan.

Other people were hoping to hear back from the model.

“I love very match I hope to reply to me dolly you are very beautiful,” they said.

There’s a good chance that Dolly will respond to the fan’s comment, considering that it’s one of the first ones that was posted. The model often takes the time to interact with her fan base.

In addition, other followers expressed their affection for the model in clever ways.

“Looking at you feels like an angel has come from heaven,” gushed a follower.

Meanwhile, plenty of people shared what they were up to right now, as Dolly asked them to do just that in the captions.


“I’m getting sand out of all my body parts because you didn’t pack me a big enough beach TOWEL! Love you anyway,” joked a follower.

“Resting at home. Tomorrow is work day,” said a fan.

“Hello bella putting my kids to bed first day of school tomorrow,” added another fan.

“Getting my doggo a new friend,” revealed an Instagram user.