Guy From Viral ‘Bagel Boss’ Video Handcuffed, Taken To Psych Ward After Swinging Bat And Shouting In Public


The guy from the viral “Bagel Boss” video had another public outburst, and this one landed him in the psych ward.

Chris Morgan, the Long Island man who gained viral fame after being caught on video in an angry rant inside a bagel shop, was videoed again in a violent outburst at the Bay Shore Marina. As the New York Post noted, some worried onlookers called police after Morgan was seen shouting and swinging a small bat in a confrontation with strangers.

The report noted that Morgan was placed in handcuffs when police arrived, then taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation. It was not clear what sparked this weekend’s incident, but Morgan was seen on video confronting someone and saying he had been sprayed in the eyes.

Morgan gained infamy for the July video showing him ranting inside a Long Island bagel shop about women on dating websites who mocked his 5-foot height. The video of the confrontation garnered more than 26 million viewers on Twitter, leading Morgan to become the subject of many memes, including some that took his Inside Edition interview and raised his voice to sound like a Wizard of Oz munchkin

But Morgan has already been well-known to people around Long Island, where he lives in a van in a parking lot. The New York Post tracked down Morgan after the initial viral video, finding that he was living with a community of other homeless people and trying to gain fame through his public outbursts. The report noted that Morgan has a YouTube channel that showed him getting into verbal spats with store employees, police, and members of the public, mostly over his insecurities over his small stature. Many in the community knew of Morgan for the series of strange incidents and his attempts to get famous off of them.

In an interview with the New York Post, Chris Morgan seemed pleased as his newfound fame.

“I’m famous. A bunch of famous people are looking at my video,” he said.

Morgan has been doing his best to take advantage of the fame, signing on for a Celebrity Boxing match against former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra in Atlantic City and getting into a confrontation at a press conference before the bout.

It’s not clear if the September bout is in jeopardy now with Morgan’s stint in the psych ward, or how long he could be in the hospital for evaluation.