Olivia Culpo Grabs Her Chest While Topless By A Classic Car

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Olivia Culpo shared new photos from a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition photoshoot and fans are loving it. The update, which consisted of two photos, has garnered over 59,000 likes so far.

The first photo of the set showed Olivia standing up and facing the camera straight-on. She popped her left hip while holding herself up with her right hand, which she placed on the hood of a classic car.

Culpo sported a pair of black bikini bottoms, which had lace-up accents on the sides. She also wore a short-brimmed, black hat.

The model gave a slight smile, as she sported red lipstick and wore her hair down in loose waves. At the same time, Olivia grabbed her chest with her left hand, as she censored her topless look.

Behind Olivia, you could see a rolling hill and blue, ocean waters.

Olivia’s fans let her know exactly what they thought of the new photos.

“Hotttttttttieeeee,” said a fan.

“WTF!!!!! Set it on fire on a Sunday,” said another fan.

“I think you should totally model,” joked a follower.

“Whoaaaaaa!!!! Best one yet!” exclaimed another follower.

“THE SEXIEST CUTIE,” declared one Instagram user.

“You look so much fun all of the Time,” said a fan.

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I call shotgun ‼️ @si_swimsuit

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There were also fans that alluded to the captions.

“Shotgun bang what’s up with that thang,” said a fan.

“Ok if you call shotgun Olivia, you need to hold your hand up like in school,” joked another fan.

At the same time, there were also some haters in the comments section.

“This is the Lord’s day. Please only post photos of yourself dressed appropriately. Maybe like you would going to church on Sunday morning,” suggested an Instagram user.

“What does your parents think of these photos? Are they asking themselves where did we go wrong?” asked another Instagram user.

And this isn’t to mention a second photo, which showed Culpo laying on her back on the hood of the car. She went topless again for the photo, as she appeared to be wearing the same bikini bottoms from the first image.

This time, Olivia rested her hands on top of her chest, as she closed her eyes and pursed her lips. Her tan was especially visible in the shot, as the sun lit up the sides of her leg and arms.

As usual, Culpo has been sharing a steady stream of photos in recent weeks. Fans can only hope for more photos from Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition in the near future.

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Last night ❤️ @rtabrand @fwrd

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