August 25, 2019
WWE News: Daniel Bryan And Kofi Kingston Use CM Punk's Finisher, Former WWE Superstar Comments

Later this month, CM Punk is going to appear at Starrcast III and The Inquisitr reported that his agent allegedly reached out to WWE about a job. There has been a lot of talk lately about the former WWE Champion and with an Internet-smart world, they're going to pick up on it. At a recent live event, two SmackDown Live wrestlers actually used Punk's old finishing maneuver in response to chants of his name, and another former star decided to speak out on it.

On Saturday evening, Daniel Bryan took on Kofi Kingston at a WWE live event in Lima, Peru as reported by Wrestling Inc. During the match, Bryan played up his heel role to absolute perfection and decided to yell out to the fans with the question of "Who's the best?"

In a YouTube video posted online, the fans immediately began chanting for CM Punk who used to consider himself the "best in the world" during his WWE run. If this had been a match on television, both the superstars and announcers likely would have ignored the chants and continued on with the show.

Since this was a non-televised event, Bryan decided to tease the crowd and he went full-on CM Punk and hit the GTS on Kofi Kingston. The current WWE Champion was able to kick out at one after Bryan hit the move twice, but the two were not yet finished.

After Kingston kicked out, the crowd kept begging for him to hit the move a third time, and he went to do it but was foiled. At that point, Kingston reversed the GTS from Bryan and ended up hitting one of his very own.

As of this writing, CM Punk has not said anything regarding the exchanges one GTS to another. Once the video from the WWE Live Event began making the rounds, another former WWE superstar decided to comment, though.

KENTA, who was known as Hideo Itami during his time in WWE, hopped on Twitter and decided to throw in his two cents. He wanted to remind everyone that he was the person that invented the move and it happened way back in 2004.

It wasn't used very often during his rather lackluster run in WWE, but he did break it out.

Hideo Itami hits the GTS during his time in NXT.

It may be pure coincidence or mean absolutely nothing at all, but there has been a lot of talk lately regarding CM Punk and professional wrestling. With the fact that he is appearing at Starrcast III in a week, the rumors are only going to pick up and it will be interesting to see if anything actually comes from them all.