Google Glass: How Guys Will Still Fail At Dating [Viral Video]

Google Glass and Dating

When Google Glass first debuts, it will be a cool new toy and the next big advance in wearable tech. Shortly after that debut, guys will no doubt attempt to skew dates in their favor with the glasses.

As this awesome Google Glass spoof shows, there is a very real chance that the product will backfire when placed into the wrong hands.

Uploaded to YouTube on March 1, 2013 by YouTube user DartanionLondon, the video has already received 129,857 at the time of this post.

Sergey Brin can make wearing Google Glass cool, but he has billions of dollars in his pockets. For the rest of us, Google Glass might just be the next big way to strike out on a blind date.

Here is the Google Glass YouTube spoof titled “How Guys Will Use Google Glass”: