Lisa Rinna's Daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin Sizzles In Brown Bikini With Boyfriend, Eyal Booker

Patricia Grannum

Lissa Rinna's daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin turned a paddleboard outing with her boyfriend, Eyal Booker, into a photoshoot and shared the pictures with her Instagram followers on Sunday. In the photo, the 21-year-old model is rocking a brown bikini and some trendy sunglasses. It's unclear who took the photo since Eyal is right behind her and he's showing off a striking modelesque pose as well.

"Tarzan and Jane," Lisa Rinna wrote in the comments which is an apt visual metaphor for their poses.

As Entertainment Online reports, Delilah and Eyal met thanks to his appearance on the popular reality TV show, Love Island U.K. According to him, her sister Amelia saw him on TV and showed Delilah. Delilah messaged him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Eyal appeared on Season 4 of Love Island and he's also a model.

In the interview, he opened up about their relationship and what he loves about her.

"[Our relationship works] because I think we get each other, you know? She's quite a deep person. She gets what I'm about," he said. "With our relationship, we have a bit of distance in it, so when we're with each other, it's really beautiful and passionate, and we spend quality time together."

"This guy came into my life when I felt more confident and okay with being alone," she wrote.

As Page Six reports, Delilah Belle has previously admitted that she went to rehab for anxiety and depression. In an Instagram story, she admitted that her mental health took a sharp decline around the time that she moved to New York to start classes at NYU. At the time, she also talked about having negative thoughts and attracting unhealthy relationships.

Based on her recent Instagram posts, it looks like things are a lot better for her right now. Her life appears to be happy and her relationship with Eyal sounds like it has brought a lot of great energy with him. Hopefully, that continues because it seems like they have become "relationship goals" for a lot of their fans.