‘Grand Hotel’ Spoilers: Alicia Gets Reprimanded For Firing Danny

Bryan Craig and Denyse Tontz of ABC's 'Grand Hotel' posing for a portrait.
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Earlier this year, Grand Hotel premiered on ABC. The series is set at the Riviera Grand Hotel, which is owned and operated by Santiago Mendoza (Demián Bichir), his new wife Gigi Mendoza (Roselyn Sanchez), and his two adult children, Alicia Mendoza (Denyse Tontz) and Javi Mendoza (Bryan Craig).

At the beginning of the season, it was revealed that an employee of the hotel, Sky Garibaldi, had mysteriously disappeared during a storm. As the season went on, viewers learned that someone at the hotel was responsible for the woman’s disappearance. In an attempt to find the truth, Sky’s brother, Danny Garibaldi, played by Lincoln Younes, decides to go undercover as a hotel employee. However, things get overly complicated for Danny after he began developing feelings for the boss’s daughter, Alicia.

After a bit of back and forth, the couple finally makes their relationship official, but based on a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, which was posted to the official TV Promos YouTube channel, it looks like things aren’t going well for the pair.

The couple is seen sitting in the office of the hotel’s staff manager, Helen Parker, played Wendy Raquel Robinson, where Alicia is reprimanded for firing Danny. The hotel heiress fired and broke up with Danny after meeting a woman claiming to be his girlfriend.

“I made a decision to relieve Mr. Garibaldi of his employment,” she says to Helen. “Just wasn’t a good fit…square peg, round hole.”

“So, I take it that your personal relationship has come to an end? And you are aware that firing an employee without cause, after breaking up with them is illegal?” Helen immediately responds.

Alicia went on to defend her decision, explaining that Danny wasn’t honest with her and that he isn’t who he claims to be. As the clip comes to an end, Helen continues to question Alicia, hoping to find a specific work-related reason for firing Danny to avoid legal repercussions.

The episode’s official description reads as follows, according to a report from Broadway World.


“Teresa hosts a charity auction at the hotel. Meanwhile, Alicia and Javi learn more about Beatriz and the unmarked room, bringing back confusing childhood memories.”

While Alicia is currently playing the role of a woman who’s been betrayed, the actress said there is more to her character beyond the kind and sweet golden child being presented, accepting to a report from TV Guide.

Tontz went on to note that there will be a very obvious shift coming for her character and it “gets quite dark for her in some places.” She also said Alicia will likely grow from the situation and become better at coping with the secrets being revealed by the people she loves.

Grand Hotel airs Mondays on ABC.