Prince Andrew May Talk To FBI About Jeffrey Epstein, Reports Say He Flew With Epstein And Russian Beauty Queen

Britain's 'Daily Mail' newspaper reports that Prince Andrew may be willing to cooperate with the FBI investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring.

Prince Andrew frowns.
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Britain's 'Daily Mail' newspaper reports that Prince Andrew may be willing to cooperate with the FBI investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring.

The day after reports surfaced alleging that in 1999, Britain’s Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with eight other people including Epstein and 1998 Miss Russia Anna Malova, he may be willing to cooperate with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to The Guardian newspaper, sources inside Buckingham Palace now tell another British newspaper that the Duke of York — known to the media in his own country as “Randy Andy” — might help the FBI in its investigation of Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

Epstein died at age 66 in his federal New York City jail cell on August 10, in a death that a medical examiner ruled a suicide by hanging. But as The Inquisitr reported, numerous questions remain around the death of the politically connected convicted pedophile, including those about a pattern of injuries that experts said were more consistent with homicide by strangulation than a suicide.

Prince Andrew maintained a lengthy friendship with Epstein that has now become a significant public relations, and potentially legal, liability for the second-eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, who is now eighth in the line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom. But the Daily Mail report published on Sunday said that documents, including flight logs for Epstein’s private jet, show discrepancies in Prince Andrew’s account of when he first met Epstein.

Anna Malova poses for a photo.
Anna Malova was crowned Miss Russia in 1998. Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

In a public statement highly unusual for a member of the British Royal Family, issued on Saturday, the Duke of York claimed that he first met Epstein in 1999, as The Inquisitr reported. But the Mail report noted flight logs showing that Prince Andrew met Epstein in the Bahamas a year earlier than he claimed in the statement.

The flight logs also show that Prince Andrew stayed for three days in February of 1999 at Epstein’s private island in the Carribean — an island that has since been informally christened “Pedophile Island,” as The Inquisitr reported.

As the Mail noted, if the prince did meet Epstein in early 1999 as his statement says, he apparently became so close with Epstein in just a few weeks that he was invited to spend three days in Epstein’s private island residence, a situation that appears extraordinary.

An author and expert on the British Royal family, Angela Levin, blasted Prince Andrew’s statement of sympathy for Epstein’s victims as “staggeringly arrogant, disingenuous and dishonest,” according to a News Corp Australia report.

Saying that Andrew’s public statement “reeks,” Levin wrote, “Besides expecting our Royals not to hang around with pedophiles, we also expect them to be honest.”