Fans Turn On ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans After She Praises Husband David Eason, Who Admits Killing The Family Dog

Jenelle Evans and David Eason pose at the MTV Awards.

Jenelle Evans is earning the ire of Teen Mom fans after she had praise for her husband — even after he had admitted in court that he killed their family dog.

As Radar Online reported, Jenelle took to Instagram this week to heap praise on hubby David Eason amid their very public marriage struggles. The couple had been through a very rocky few weeks after the incident with their dog. David had allegedly shot and killed the family’s dog after he claimed it bit his young daughter, though there was later some question as to whether the killing ever took place. As the report noted, Jenelle told police that she had made the story up for publicity, but David later said in court that he did kill the dog.

The photo shared on Friday seemed to show that things are better between Jenelle and David. The picture showed the two cuddling close together during a trip to the beach, with Jenelle adding the hashtag “ForeverAndAlways.” It seemed to be another public admission from Jenelle that they have moved beyond the killing of the family dog.

The picture drew a sharp pushback from fans, Radar Online noted, with many slamming Jenelle for staying with the man who killed their family dog. Many criticized Jenelle directly for keeping the kids in what they saw as a volatile and unsafe home.

“After killing your dog… wonderful man right there [five clapping emoji]. What a joke,” one person wrote.

This is not the first time that Jenelle Evans has sparked a backlash on Instagram by praising her hubby. Back at the end of July, Jenelle shared a picture of David with the couple’s daughter and some of the family’s pet chickens. The picture also drew some very strong reactions, with many angry that she would allow David to be around animals again after his killing of the family dog.

“He gonna shoot the chicken if it pecks at her too?” another person questioned.

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The alleged dog-killing incident has already cost Jenelle Evans a lot more than just nasty comments from fans. The couple temporarily lost custody of their kids after the incident and had to go through several weeks of court appearances before they were able to get the kids back again. Jenelle was also fired from Teen Mom 2 amid the drama, with MTV apparently no longer willing to put up with the ongoing antics from the reality television star.