George Conway Might Work With Joe Walsh To Beat Donald Trump In 2020

George Conway, who is married to White House special counselor Kellyanne Conway, has been a longtime critic of Donald Trump.

George T. Conway III, husband of White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, attends the 139th Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House April 17, 2017.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

George Conway, who is married to White House special counselor Kellyanne Conway, has been a longtime critic of Donald Trump.

Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, who announced over the weekend a primary challenge to unseat sitting President Donald Trump, is reportedly trying to involve Trump ally Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, in his campaign to beat the president.

According to a report Sunday in The New York Times, Walsh met with Conway last Thursday to discuss his campaign strategy against the 45th president. Walsh allegedly asked Conway, who is a conservative lawyer from New York, if he would be interested in working on his campaign in a more permanent role. Conway reportedly said he would consider working on the campaign, though he did not give Walsh an answer.

In a statement to The New York Times, though, the 55-year-old husband of Kellyanne told the newspaper that he agreed with Walsh’s strategy to attack the president on issues like honesty, instability, and incompetence, in addition to being willing to do anything he could to help Walsh.

George Conway has been an outspoken critic of his wife’s employer on social media, though Conway notably took it a step further in July when he authored an op-ed for The Washington Post in which he called the president racist following the president’s infamous social media attack on four freshman congresswomen, who are all women of color. The president directed the U.S. citizens to “go back” to their ancestral countries if the Democratic lawmakers disliked his policies.

“Trump is not some random, embittered person in a parking lot — he’s the president of the United States,” Conway wrote for The Washington Post, comparing the president’s rhetoric to the racism he experienced as a child. “By virtue of his office, he speaks for the country. What’s at stake now is more important than judges or tax cuts or regulations or any policy issue of the day. What’s at stake are the nation’s ideals, its very soul.”

Per a previous report from The Inquisitr, his wife and special counsel to the president Kellyanne Conway publicly disagreed with Conway’s assessment of her employer. Conway has said that given her own first-hand experience with Trump that she does not believe him to be racist.

Kellyanne Conway is one of the longest-serving figures in the Trump administration. She managed the president’s successful bid for the White House in 2016 and has remained in an active advisory role to President Trump despite several controversies.

Per The Washington Post, Kellyanne Conway famously coined the term “alternative facts” during an appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press shortly after the president took office. In February of 2017, Conway raised ethical questions when she used her White House job to promote Ivanka Trump’s brands, per The New York Times.