Buxom Hilde Osland Rocks Dramatic Cleavage, Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On Instagram

Hilde Osland poses for a selfie
Hildeee / Instagram

Hilde Osland is never shy, at least not when sharing her Instagram posts.

Today was no exception. The buxom blonde wore such a tiny top for her social media upload that her skimpy bra couldn’t cover even half of the undergarment. Hilde tagged the hot number, and its matching, skintight skirt, with the brand Hot Miami Styles. That says a lot about what she was wearing.

The beautiful Norwegian appears to still be spending time in Bali; as she has done in recent weeks, she offered four photos in her Instagram pack.

The first saw Hilde holding up her long locks while rocking a hair tie in her other hand. Perhaps she was thinking about securing her wild mane.

In the second snap, she wore her long hair down and around to one side. The shot gave major cleavage vibes since her breasts were literally falling out of her black top, as well as out of her nude bra.

In the third photo in the pack, Hilde was standing with her back and her shapely booty aimed at the camera.

And then, in the final shot from Sunday’s shoot, Hilde’s skimpy top had fallen below her bra. However, the cheerful Instagram model still smiled, even even though she experienced a wardrobe malfunction that would have meant major trouble on a red carpet, but obviously not in beautiful Bali.

All of the sexy poses brought plenty of feedback.

“You’re more picturesque than the scenery imo,” suggested one fan.

“Love following you but wonder if you ever get tired of posing and having your picture taken?” asked one follower

“It does look amazing… just like you,” said a third, talking about the scenery and the model.

“So are you, unreal just made that place look 100% better,” stated a similarly thinking follower, who added a heart-faced emoji for effect.

“Beautiful Sunday dress!?” queried another in a tongue-in-cheek query about Hilde’s sexy weekend attire.


Meanwhile, on August 23, Hilde shared a picture of herself lying in a hammock in the same tropical Asian paradise she was visiting during today’s shoot. She was wearing “a skimpy turquoise bikini that showcased her amazing figure,” according to The Inquisitr, who went on to describe her daring fashion statement.

“Taken from above, the angle of the snap gave fans a nice view of her cleavage as well as her slender waist, curvy hips, and toned thighs. Sun and shadow danced on her bronzed skin as her piercing blue eyes looked straight into the camera. The beauty rested her head on one arm. She held a hibiscus bloom in her other hand in front of her face just below her eyes, giving the shot a sensual vibe.”

That Instagram image earned the social media model a total of 41,776 likes, while the series of images she shared on Friday earned the Norwegian beauty 41,488 likes.

Apparently, just about the same number of Hilde Osland’s 1.4 million followers are paying strict attention to this astonishingly sexy Instagram model from one Instagram share to the next. Maybe the rest are on summer vacation.