New Poll Reveals Voters’ ‘Deep, Boiling Anger,’ Could Lead To Donald Trump Defeat In 2020, MSNBC Analyst Says

A new NBC News/'Wall Street Journal' poll shows that the economy may not be the most important issue for voters in 2020.

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A new NBC News/'Wall Street Journal' poll shows that the economy may not be the most important issue for voters in 2020.

Donald Trump’s re-election bid in 2020 could fall victim to widespread voter anger that will drive Democrats and other Trump opponents to the polls — spelling defeat for Trump even if the economy remains strong, a political analysts for MSNBC said on Sunday, as quote by Raw Story.

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday shows that the “deep and boiling anger” that helped bring Trump to power has not subsided among American voters, and that anger now may turn against Trump, according to pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, which administered the poll, as quoted by NBC News.

Though the poll, which is available via DocumentCloud, shows that Americans are generally “satisfied” with the state of the U.S. economy and their own personal financial status, a majority nonetheless say that they are angry at the political “establishment” and pessimistic about the country’s future.

A stunning 70 percent of American voters in the survey said that they feel angry because “our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power, like those on Wall Street or in Washington,” according to the NBC News summary of the poll.

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A new poll shows that voter anger and changing values could spell trouble for Donald Trump. Scott Olson / Getty Images

Majorities of both white and black voters, 67 percent and 73 percent respectively, said they are not confident that their children will be better off than they are today. A full 64 percent of Hispanic voters also said they felt the same deep pessimism about their children’s future, according to the poll.

That anger and pessimism may be enough to produce a massive voter turnout that will be impossible for Trump to overcome, Democratic strategist Drew Litman said in the MSNBC interview.

“Looking at that poll, you get the sense that those voters are primed and ready to vote and that’s all it would take to end Trump’s presidency,” the political analysts said, as quoted by Raw Story.


The poll also showed fast-changing personal and ethical values on the part of U.S. voters.

Nearly 80 percent of voters ages 55- to 91-years-old — labeled the “Baby Boomer” and “Silent” generations — say that “patriotism” is a “very important” American value. But only slightly more than 40 percent of voters ages 18- to 38-years-old feel the same way. Those voters are said to belong to Generation Z, and the Millennial generation.

The poll showed similar differences in the importance attached to “belief in God,” and “having children,” with the Millennial and Generation Z voters finding far less importance in those values than their Baby Boomer and Silent Generation counterparts. But the generations largely agreed on the high importance of such values as “hard work,” “financial security,” and “tolerance for others.”