Minecraft May Come to Playstation, Wii U Arrival Unlikely

Minecraft, the uber-popular building game that started out as a computer game but has found a niche on the Microsoft Xbox 360 might be coming to the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 before too long. Swedish Developer Mojang has said that it is openly considering bringing its title to Sony devices, though it hasn’t made a final decision just yet.

Microsoft has an exclusive deal with Mojang at the moment, but the developers have said that when that deal runs out, it might consider looking at other consoles. While that might be good news for Playstation fans, it doesn’t appear that Wii U gamers should start celebrating just yet.

Minecraft‘s makers aren’t real excited about the newest console. Jens Bergensten, who is the lead designer for Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android said that it was “very unlikely” that the company would port the game to the Wii U.

While the game came from humble, low-res beginnings it has become a bit of a gold mine for its developers. The creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson was recently reported to have surpassed the $100 million mark in earnings in 2012 alone.

When the game did launch on Xbox Live it became profitable in “about an hour” and broke day one XBLA sales records. The game hasn’t really lost steam since its been around for a while. Mojang reports that it sold five million units in January of this year.

One of the features that Mojang wants to bring to their starring game in the near future is adding a true multiplayer function. This would mean that players could connect to the same game using servers, rather than connecting from one device to another device.

Should they manage to perfect the multi-player function, it stands to reason that the game will become that much more sought after. If Minecraft does come to Playstation, will you run out and get it?