August 25, 2019
Jamie Foxx's Rumored 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Sela Vave Has Some Very Revealing Bikini Pics On Instagram

Jamie Foxx may be denying that he's in a relationship with 21-year-old singer Sela Vave, but the gossip side of the media world seems convinced. As Radar Online reported yesterday, the rising musician is "basically living" at the Collateral star's home, per an inside source. The rumored relationship seems to be making headlines for two reasons: while 51-year-old Foxx's age is one cause for raised eyebrows, the overall story is proving a talking point by virtue of the actor appearing to have called it quits with longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes.

Sela Vave doesn't have the world's biggest Instagram following. The singer has 17,300 followers, with an account that isn't all that populated: the star has under 250 photos on her feed. Sela's bio introduces her as an artist, but it likewise mentions her career as an actress and model. The latter definitely seems to be a status that Sela merits owning – with some sexy bikini pictures on the account, it looks like this beauty could easily make it as a full-blown model without her musical talents as backup.

Sela's account isn't one giant bikini display, however. The star will update her Instagram with artsy shots, simple selfies, and moments with friends, but fans of Sela's sizzling body will likely have noticed the swimwear snaps.

Back in May, Sela updated her account in a hot pink bikini from Honokalani Black Sand Beach in Hawaii. The photo was the opposite of raunchy, but it definitely heated up Instagram with Sela's killer abs and sexy cleavage making an appearance.
Digging right down into the account's archives will also bring up a snap of a bikini-clad Sela reclining in grass. The photo dating back to November 2018 came with a powerful caption and a reminder that this girl is displaying the "free spirit" vibe mentioned in her caption, although the photo didn't hold back on showing the platform just how great she looks in a two-piece.
Whether in black bikinis or red swimsuits, it looks like Sela has nailed the art of swimwear delivery.

As to where the rumors will go, it's all hanging in the balance. If Foxx and Vave are, indeed, dating, they wouldn't be the first celebrity couple to experience an age gap. Model Sofia Richie is 15 years younger than her boyfriend, Scott Disick. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is in a relationship with a woman half his age: Camila Morrone's 22 years don't seem to be a problem for the 44-year-old Hollywood heavyweight. Of course, the age gap is also seen with older women: Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner is significantly older than her boyfriend, Corey Gamble.