WWE News: Taylor Swift Gets Called Out By Two WWE Superstars

Taylor Swift performs at a concert
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Ever since Becky Lynch started calling herself “The Man,” she has — arguably — become the biggest women’s star in WWE history. To cap off her rise to the top earlier this year, she made history at WrestleMania 35 by winning the first-ever all-women’s main event to take place at the annual pay-per-view.

Lynch is also no stranger to picking fights and starting arguments on social media. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that she’s not too happy with Taylor Swift for her new song “The Man,” off her Lovers album.

According to Wrestling Rumors, Lynch made a post on Twitter addressing Swift’s song. In her tweet, she claimed that while a woman can be “The Man,” it only applies to her.

One WWE legend and Hall of Famer took umbrage with Lynch’s statement, though. The next day, Ric Flair made a post of his own, claiming that “To Be The MAN, you gotta beat The MAN,” which he followed with his classic “WOOOO” catchphrase.

Swift appears to be avoiding the spat between the popular WWE superstars. At the time of this writing, she has not acknowledged either Lynch or Flair, and chances are she has no idea why the current Raw Women’s Champion and a 70-year-old man are feuding in her mentions. She probably doesn’t want any bad blood between them, either.

It’s worth noting that Swift’s track and Lynch’s character have different messages pertaining to what it means to be “the man.” In the song, Swift merely states that she’d be “the man” if she were a male. The song is about imagining herself as the opposite gender, and wondering whether she’d have advantages if that were the case.

Lynch, meanwhile, started calling herself by her popular moniker because she was tired of being viewed as an underdog. She fought hard to become the biggest star in the industry on her own terms, which earned her the right to refer to herself by her current nickname.

Flair, on the other hand, has been calling himself “the man” for the better part of four decades. There’s no denying that “The Nature Boy” has a strong case for ownership of the name due to his long, illustrious career. However, he’s retired from in-ring competition, and Lynch has taken his spot as the most popular superstar in WWE.

The tweets were all made in good fun, but it’ll be interesting to see if Swift gets involved in the showdown. WWE is well-known for giving celebrities their first taste of in-ring action, and a match between Lynch and Swift has money written all over it.