Plus-Size Instagram Model Iskra Lawrence Went All The Way To The Desert To Show Off In Skimpy Lingerie

Iskra Lawrence poses on the red carpet.
MATT WINKELMEYER / Getty Images for InStyle

There is apparently no length Iskra Lawrence won’t go to for a great shot.

The plus-size model took to Instagram this weekend to share a shot of herself posing in the desert as she wore some very revealing lingerie. The picture was part of a series of shots promoting her upcoming Aerie pop-up stores across the United States, and it captured the attention of Lawrence’s 4.5 million followers.

Many fans praised the model for being so open and unapologetic about her body, which doesn’t fit the once-rigid standards of the fashion and beauty industry. Lawrence frequently uses her page to promote body positivity, encouraging her followers to love themselves just as they are.

The message has really connected with Lawrence’s followers, as many shared stories about how her outlook helped give them confidence in their own lives.

“You’re such an inspiration,” one fan wrote in the comment section of Lawrence’s most recent photo. “Today I received loads of negativity about my body because of a story I posted, I then created a post about it and used you as my inspiration because you continue to help people conquer body image issues daily.”

Lawrence proudly shows off her body on her Instagram page, frequently donning skimpy lingerie and revealing bikinis to show off her curvy physique. She also refuses to post retouched shots, proudly telling fans that her photos are all naturally her.

While it’s not exactly clear where or when these latest shots were taken, they appear to match a shoot that the model did in Utah a few weeks ago.

Other shots from that series show Lawrence enjoying the natural beauty of the Utah desert while rocking pink lingerie.


While Lawrence now has a massive following online and plenty of modeling work with Aerie and other major brands, it wasn’t always so easy. In an interview with Grazia magazine, Lawrence said that she tried to break into the business by entering Elle Girl’s “Search for a Supermodel.” She managed to reach the final, but she said she still ran into difficulties because of her unconventional frame.

“That was my break into the industry – I was doing modeling shoots, doing some fashion shows, but it was very tough for me at that age. I didn’t have a typical model body shape,” she shared. “I had hips even at that young age, and I eventually got dropped because I couldn’t change the way my body was.”

Those who want to see more from Iskra Lawrence can check out her Instagram feed.