August 25, 2019
Instagram Model Jena Frumes Strips Down To Her Underwear, Shows Off Her Rock-Hard Abs In Racy Photo

Jena Frumes works hard for her chiseled physique, and she's showing her Instagram followers the fruits of those labors.

This weekend, the model and social media star took to Instagram to share a shot of herself wearing black underwear and putting her very well-toned body on display. Jena held her cell phone in front of her face as she posed for the living room selfie, showing off her muscular arms and legs as well as her washboard abs.

The picture was a huge hit with her 3.6 million followers, attracting all kinds of compliments for her almost unreal physique.

"Lord have mercy," one person wrote.

It's not just her body getting noticed in the Instagram snap. Jena also got compliments from fans for the interior decorating of her living room and for her hair filled with flowing curls.

The model has gained worldwide popularity for the revealing pictures she shares, but it was a previous relationship that helped put her on the map. She made waves back in 2017 when she split with NFL star Antonio Brown and put him on blast on her Instagram page.

Even though Brown had a pregnant girlfriend at the time he and Jena started dating, the two became an item and also drew some attention from the celebrity gossip circuit. But Brown said that he felt God directing him back to the mother of his child, Men's Health noted, and Jena didn't take it very well.

"When you get used for a publicity stunt by someone you genuinely liked just to piss their ex off, that's life I suppose," she wrote, later tweeting out Brown's phone number in the hopes that the pressure would help her to get some missing things back. The report noted that she quickly deleted the number, but by then the damage was done.

Things have been a bit calmer since then, and Jena gets attention mostly from the revealing photos and videos she shares on her Instagram page. She also does plenty of modeling work, often showing off skimpy swimwear and dresses for a number of top brands. While she may not be earning as much as ex Antonio Brown, Jena likely pulls in five-figures for every post she makes showing off these designs, as social media experts say top influencers can get as much as $1,000 per 100,000 followers.Those who want to see more from Jena can check out her Instagram page.