Abby Dowse Spills Out Of Glitter Bikini That’s Way Too Small For Her

Abby Dowse takes a selfie
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Abby Dowse definitely knows how to handle a tiny bikini — the Australian model didn’t rack up her 1.4 million Instagram followers out of thin air. With near-daily updates that showcase this bombshell’s Barbie-like proportions in super-stylish swimwear or lingerie, Abby is quickly proving that pulling off the most minimal of outfits is her domain.

It looks like today isn’t any different.

Earlier, Abby posted an update to her account, and today’s photo definitely switched things up from what she posted yesterday. While Saturday’s pic showed Abby indoors and in selfie mode, today’s snap shows the blonde outdoors and poolside, and Abby was definitely dressed for the water.

This beauty opted for a more girly look for this photo. She wore a pink bikini that had glitter-effect fabrics and a knotted bust detail that further enhanced the vibe. With specks of white adorning the mostly-pink palette, the two-piece also showcased some variety in the model’s choice of swimwear, although there’s no denying that the bikini top appeared to be a little on the small side. Fans definitely got a healthy dose of Abby’s cleavage, as well as a reminder that Abby’s rock-hard abs, slim waist, and toned thighs are some of the best on Instagram.

Abby was photographed reclining backwards in a seated position with her right arm propping her up and her left held up to her head. The blonde’s trademark hair appeared loose and slightly matted – while the effect was a little messy, it somehow added a real feel to Abby’s somewhat-unreal proportions.

In short, it was the perfect update, and Abby’s followers definitely seemed to agree.

“You look so stunning Abby,” one fan wrote.

“This bikini is gorgeous you look amazing!! As always,” a second one added.

“You’re just an absolute supermodel. No other way to put it, hair looking incredible, looking fabulous every possible situation” was a third commenter, sending Abby the thumbs-up.

Unsurprisingly, countless other replies praising the model filled the post’s comments section, with over 305 fans dropping by to leave their thoughts. Abby and her bikini also managed to score over 10,000 likes in just six hours. While many fans remarked on today’s bikini, others simply wanted to let Abby know what a fierce body she has.

“Stomach looks incredible Got the cup matching the bikini Look like a chalice for a [sic] perfect for you,” one fan stated.

Indeed, this sensation does have quite the enviable physique. With a small bone structure and a solid amount of muscle underneath those curves, Abby seems to have it all.