Emily Ratajkowski’s Latest Beach Snaps Spark New Body Hair Remarks

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Emily Ratajkowski’s latest Instagram photo share stirred a lot of confusion amid her massive following.

On Saturday night, the Instagram sensation updated her profile with a collection of sultry beachside pics that left fans glued to their phones, but not for the reason one might expect. The new photos attracted a lot of attention, racking upward of 420,000 likes and a little shy of 800 comments. Yet, while Emily was most likely pleased with the extensive engagement, the post may not have earned her the type of attention she was hoping for.

Shared to Instagram shortly before midnight ET, the new snaps portrayed the 28-year-old hottie enjoying a fun day at the beach in the company of her husband, 38-year-old independent movie producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. Emily posted five snapshots in total – three very artistic black-and-white photos and two color ones that were particularly eye-catching.

In one of the shots, the brunette bombshell bared her insane cleavage in a dangerously plunging monokini, a racy and very revealing animal-print design from her latest swimwear collection. Another slide showed the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model soaking up the sun as she gave a smoldering look to the camera.

Nevertheless, it was the first photo in the batch that sparked the most controversy. Although the pic was innocent enough – the black-and-white shot showed the gorgeous supermodel and her husband snuggled up in a romantic pose – it appears that Emily’s intention has unexpectedly backfired. Upon seeing the photo, followers were stumped by a detail that completely changed the atmosphere in the comments section, one usually brimming with compliments and positive remarks.

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In the snap, Emily cuddles up to her husband in a sweet, romantic pose. Sebastian is seen lying face-down on the sand, with his arm blocking his head from view. Meanwhile, his stunning wife is lying on top of him, leaning her body against his bare back as she rests her chin and pillowy lips on his shoulders.

Even though the pose was pretty straightforward, it appears that some have found it open to interpretation. Many of Emily’s Instagram followers declared themselves confused by the shot after mistaking Sebastian’s arm for Emily’s leg. More specifically, people were taken aback by the optical illusion after seeing Sebastian’s armpit hair and mistakenly thinking that Emily had a patch of hair growing on the backside of her knee.

“I thought you have under hair arm legss [thinking-face emoji] lol,” one person commented on the photo, with the post garnering 567 likes from Emily’s followers.

“How are you growing so much hair on the back of your knee? That’s weird,” was a second reply, with 237 people agreeing.

“I can’t be the only one who thought she had hair under her leg,” wrote a third Instagram user, in a post trailed by a string of loudly-crying-face emoji and which raked in 173 likes.

The sentiment was echoed in the majority of comments, left by fans from all over the world. The seemingly captious remarks were voiced not only in English, but in Spanish and French as well.

“I thought the first picture was an optical illusion (I didn’t know what body part that was),” penned one confounded fan, adding a flushed-face emoji for emphasis.

“Omg i was so confused as to why the bottom of ur knees were hairy,” remarked another follower.

“I THOUGHT THAT WAS HAIR UNDER YOUR KNEESSSSSS,” another person wrote in all caps, followed by a long string of tired-face emoji.

The bizarre situation that had Instagram talking about Emily’s body hair brings to mind a previous photo that ignited a very similar discussion. Earlier this month, the gorgeous supermodel sent Instagram abuzz after posting a very sensual photo that saw her sporting unshaven armpits.

The snapshot was captured to promote Emily’s latest appearance in Harper’s Bazaar. The pic ended up clocking in more than 2.1 million likes on Instagram, in addition to nearly 84,000 comments. However, Emily’s free-spirited look left fans divided, as covered by The Inquisitr.

While many applauded the model-actress-mogul for sending out a strong feminist message, others accused her of hypocrisy. Followers didn’t hesitate to point out that Emily had never before sported hairy armpits in any of her social media photos, speculating that she only showcased the attention-grabbing look to promote her appearance in the prestigious magazine.