Laci Kay Somers Spills Out Of Red Bikini

Laci Kay Somers takes a selfie.
Lacikaysomers / Instagram

Laci Kay Somers shared a brand new bikini pic today and fans are busy hitting the like button. So far, she has received more than 287,000 likes.

The photo was geotagged at St. Thomas Island in the Virgin Islands.

Laci wore a bright, red bikini for the shot. She sat on the edge of a pool as her legs dangled into the water. Behind her, you could see rolling hills and the ocean waters.

Somers’ full figure was on display, as she showed off her rocker side. She stuck her tongue out and flashed the “rock on” sign with her hands. Meanwhile, her hair was worn down, as it blew slightly in the wind.

Fans gushed about her good looks in the comments.

“Awesome baby.. great body..,” said a fan.

“Your figure just…wow,” said another fan.

“Always look incredible with and without make-up,” said a follower.

While it was hard to see for certain if Laci wore makeup or not, it did appear that she at least sported heavy mascara and light pink lipstick.

“Oh yes you’re so metal,” said another fan.

Meanwhile, there were other fans that commented on a wide range of topics.

“Do You Ever Comeback To SanFrancisco,” asked an Instagram user.

“Of course,” responded Laci.

Another fan wished her well on her trip.

“Did you have fun on vacation @lacikaysomers? I hope you did babe,” said a follower.

“So much fun,” said the model.

Somers often takes time to interact with her fans, which may explain her impressive follower count on Instagram.

There was even one fan that talked to Laci as if she were his wife.

“Good morning wifey hope you have an amazing day it’s Sunday funday so hope you enjoyed your vacation have a safe flight love wbabe,” he said.

“So much fun,” responded Laci.

Another follower found a clever way to compliment her.

“You’re definitely the prettiest sight in all of St. Thomas,” they said.

At the same time, there was one fan that was not distracted by the bikini pic.

“What about PS4! U promised to give?” they asked.

And this isn’t to mention a video that Laci posted earlier this month, which showed her wearing a pair of tight, pink leggings. She paired this with a white sports bra.

The video showed Laci doing a series of yoga exercises with another woman, who wore a similar outfit. The two appeared to be having a ton of fun.

The video proved to be a huge hit, with over 859,000 views.