Jasmine Sanders Shows Off Mega-Toned Bikini Bod & Reveals Her Secrets

Jasmine Sanders wears a purple dress.
Romain Maurice / Getty Images

Jasmine Sanders shared a brand new Instagram post earlier today. And unlike most of her updates, this time, she got personal about her diet in the captions.

The photo was a collection of two images of the model. She sported a leopard-print bikini top, along with a pair of black, thong-cut bottoms.

The image on the left showed Jasmine’s body from the side, as she faced her right shoulder to the camera. She tugged at her bikini bottoms with her right hand, while her infinity tattoo peeked through. And thanks to the cut of the bottoms, her bare derriere was on full display.

Meanwhile, the photo on the right showed Jasmine’s body from the front. This time, she tugged at the sides of her bikini top with both of her hands. She also appeared to be leaning forward, as her chin was visible.

Both images were very cropped, so her face and shoulders weren’t in the frame.

This update has received over 27,000 likes so far, and Jasmine’s fans chimed in with tons of nice comments.

Many people responded to Sanders’ captions, which revealed the ways in which she’s changed her eating patterns to “flush” her system after a summer of fun.

“I need to do the same!” exclaimed a fan.

“Ima do the same soon!! Thanks for the inspo,” said another fan.

Other people seemed inspired, but still aren’t ready to give up their favorite foods.

“I was on the right track until Popeyes came out with that damn sandwich,” said a follower.

“Liking this post as I finish my double whopper,” added another follower.

But among comments about the special dieting technique, there were fans that showered Jasmine with clever compliments.

“I thought you looked great already,” said an Instagram user.

But that wasn’t all, as one follower offered their advice.

“Watch what happens if you cut that fish, chicken & dairy out and replace it with fruit. You’ll be amazed,” they said.

“Proud of you queen I have been trying to drink more water as well and make sure I’m adding more fruits and organic bars it’s not easy but I know it’s one step at a time,” noted a fan.

In addition to this collection, Jasmine shared another photo three days ago that had fans talking. The photo appeared to be a professional shot from a photoshoot. Sanders was spotted in a black bodysuit and a pair of knee-high boots. She posed indoors in a luxurious building, and stood on top of a black-and-white tiled floor.