‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: America’s Prankster Reveals Themselves To Other Houseguests

Monty BrintonCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

Everything can’t stay a secret for long in the Big Brother house, at least not with the Season 21 cast. It’s officially Prank Week and the biggest twist was that of America’s Prankster. After America voted online, a power was given that granted a houseguest half of the Head of Household’s responsibilities. The prankster would nominate one houseguest for eviction, and also choose the replacement nominee should someone be taken down after the Power of Veto meeting.

America voted Nick Maccarone into the prankster position and he nominated enemy Christie Murphy for eviction. He kept his secret as long as he could, but it looks like Nick eventually spilled the beans on Saturday evening. The first evidence came from @BB_Updates Twitter account after Nick had a conversation with Jackson Michie.

Nick questioned why Jackson played so hard in the Power of Veto competition. Jackson responded that he was afraid of going up as a replacement nominee when Nick said he never would have put him up. Nick then later said he had a lot of power and that if he wanted to put Jackson up in the first place, he could have. Jackson later filled in Holly Allen on the conversation and told her she couldn’t tell anyone about Nick being the prankster.

Nick Maccarone hangs out in the Big Brother house
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Later in the evening, Nick revealed his power to Nicole Anthony. After it became evident that Jackson wasn’t going to use the Power of Veto, Nick decided it was time to campaign.

“My campaign is going to be f***ing fire. I’m saying “If I wanted to put you guys up, I could have done it”. I’m f***ing loyal. Think I would have got America’s Prankster if I deserved to be in the spot I’m in?” he said to Nicole.

Nicole agreed that Nick’s campaign is going to work with the other houseguests and are almost certain Christie will be the one going home this week.

As of Saturday night, it doesn’t appear as if anyone else in the house knows Nick is the prankster other than Jackson, Holly, and Nicole. The other houseguests only have their suspicions at this point as to who would have nominated Christie. Since Nick is planning on using the prankster twist to campaign, it may not be long until the whole house is privy to the Prank Week twist.

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