Analyse Talavera Explains Who Disappointed Her The Most In The ‘Big Brother’ House

Analyse Talavera competes on Big Brother Season 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

Analyse Talavera is officially the third member of the jury in Big Brother Season 21. The brunette beauty joins Jack Matthews and Kathryn Dunn in the jury house as they await the arrival of five more houseguests. After being evicted on Thursday night’s live episode, Analyse caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss her gameplay, her relationship with Jack, and who she feels most disappointed by.

Analyse was very close with Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy for the last three weeks in the house, and it looks like the former has her feeling a little bit upset.

“I was a little sad that Tommy and Holly didn’t vote for me to stay but I get that Michie wanted Christie to stay and they didn’t want to go against him, which is crap in my opinion. People should vote however they want and for whoever they feel can help further their game, not because an HOH says so,” she explained to the news outlet.

Analyse’s comment reflects a trend in Season 21, where houseguests traditionally vote for whoever the Head of Household (HOH) has suggested. This isn’t how players have normally voted in the past, but is a strong gameplay move this season. After it was revealed that Jackson no longer wanted to evict Christie, the rest of the houseguests jumped on board and decided to flip the vote the day of the live eviction.

Tommy and Holly were noticeably upset when placing their votes for Analyse in the diary room, but no matter what they would have voted their friend would have been going home. With Nick Maccarone’s vote for Christie, Tommy and Holly only would have made the vote a tie, and Jackson commented that if a tie were to arise, he would send Analyse home.


The HOH competition which followed Analyse’s eviction even had a sentimental moment where Holly apologized to Analyse out loud after winning. Since Analyse was heading to the jury house, she would not be privy to Holly’s comment and will only able to see her apologize when watching back the episodes when the season concludes.

While Analyse doesn’t seem too bothered by Tommy and Holly, it could affect how she decides to place her vote on finale night. If either of the houseguests makes it to the final two, she could use her eviction votes as a reason to vote for someone else rather than them.

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