‘Big Brother’ Evictee Analyse Talavera Explains Where She Wants Her Relationship To Go With Jack Matthews

Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera compete on Big Brother Season 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

There have been two main showmances from Season 21 in the Big Brother house. After briefly hooking up with Kathryn Dunn, Jackson Michie eventually set his sights on Holly Allen and the two have been inseparable ever since. The second showmance was between evictees Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera who have finally been reunited in the jury house.

The duo has spent two weeks apart and after Analyse was sent packing on Thursday night’s live eviction show, she caught up with Entertainment Weekly and discussed where she hoped things would go from here.

“Hopefully, when I see Jack we can start where we left off. I’ve been super nervous to know if he still feels the same way about me after not seeing me for two weeks. I had realized that I actually liked him more than I thought. As far as the future, I’m not sure what I want with Jack outside this house. I’m kind of just going with the flow and doing whatever I think feels right. I wouldn’t mind trying to date outside the house but I definitely want to see how our relationships grows in the jury house.”

A lot of showmance partners try and make their relationships work outside of the house but things are much different in the real world than they are in Big Brother. If Analyse and Jack can make things work remains to be seen, but they definitely wouldn’t be the first showmance duo to make it work.

Analyse and Jack hang out in the Big Brother cast
  Monty Brinton / CBS

Season 20’s Bayleigh Dayton and Chris Williams are still engaged after making it official on finale night, and Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen are still holding strong as well.


Whether the current houseguests think Jack and Analyse can make it work is a whole other story. Some of the roommates were caught talking on the live feeds about Jack, Kathryn and Analyse in the jury house together, and it looks like some believe Jack and Kathryn are more likely to get together.

Jackson and Holly both admitted that they see Jack and Kathryn more as a couple than the other matchup. The pair have spent the last week alone together in the jury house, and without much else to do, they might have gotten closer. Jack and Kathryn didn’t have much of a relationship at all in the Big Brother house, but you never know what can happen outside its doors.

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