Alexis Ren Shows Off Drenched & Sandy Bod In Topless Instagram Pic

Araya DiazGetty Images

Alexis Ren shared two new photos in an Instagram update, and her fans are loving it. The images have been liked over 520,000 times so far.

The first photo showed Alexis laying on her back at the beach. The crystal blue ocean waters were visible right below her feet, as she posed topless for the shot. The model wore a pair of denim shorts, as she placed her hands on her chest to censor the photo.

Ren also smiled and looked at the camera, as she pursed her lips seductively. Her hair was soaked, while sand could be spotted on her chest and legs.

In addition, a second photo showed Alexis in the same spot, except from a different angle this time. She laid on her stomach, and placed her left hand on her head. The model also extended her right hand in front of her, while crossing her legs. Her hair, along with her arms, were covered in white sand.

The model kept things simple, and didn’t appear to be wearing any jewelry. And any makeup that she wore had a very natural look. She potentially rocked pink lipstick, along with light mascara.

Alexis’ fans have been leaving tons of nice compliments for the model.

“Imagine actually looking like THIS at the beach,” complimented a fan.

“Whereeee?! Need to go,” said another fan.

“Amalfi coast is waiting for you,” added a follower, who seemingly lives there.

There were also plenty of male followers that seemed to be completely infatuated by Ren.

“ how did you guys meet?? Well, she had 13M followers and I wrote ‘holy [fire] ur hott’ on the comments…’and the rest is history..” -every guy here’s [dream],” said a fan, using the fire and thought bubble emoji to convey their message.

“Just need ur middle name then i’ll propose,” said another follower.

“Don’t forget about our wedding tomorrow night at 5,” joked an Instagram user.

“Please just give me a chance,” asked a fan.

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this please

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Plus, other fans simply left Ren their compliments.

“Absolutely beautiful and a true goddess,” said a follower.

“That is called peace,” said another follower.

“Your perfect, but so much more to you, just an observation,” complimented a fan.

“Your straight out of a dream,” said another fan.

It’s hard to know the exact location of Alexis’ newest shots. But there’s no question that it’s from a tropical paradise. Fans can hope for more photos from the stunning beach in the coming days.

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happiest in motion

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