Natalie Roser Gets Drenched In Shower With Two Other Topless Girls

Ryan PierseGetty Images

Natalie Roser has been busy promoting her Rose and Bare brand, and her newest promo post seems to be garnering tons of attention. So far, more than 21,000 people have liked the image, which showed her posing in a shower with two other girls.

The photo showed Roser in the middle of two other topless women, as she went topless also. She grabbed onto a silver shower head with her right hand, as she was caught mid-smile. The water fell onto her body and in between the two other girls. Natalie also seemingly had her eyes closed, as she placed her left hand over her chest to censor herself. She also wore a pair of thongs.

There was another blond model to the front left, whose chest was only censored by two, white squiggles. Another model in the front right wore her hair down in tight curls and censored her chest with her left hand.

All three girls seemed to be laughing and having fun.

Natalie’s fans had plenty to say in the comments section, with most people leaving rave reviews of the photo.

“Amazing GODDESS!!!!!!!!” exclaimed a fan.

“Just fell into a dream,” said another fan.

“I wish i was there every guys,” chimed in a follower, whose sentiments were echoed by several other people.

“I should have been a photographer when I grew up,” said another follower.

“3 sweet tushies here jus chilling out in the shower!” added a fan.

Meanwhile, other fans directed their comments to not just Natalie, but to all of the girls in the photo.

“Hello you are so beautiful girls,” stated an Instagram user.

“Girls just want to have fun,” said a fan.

There were plenty more compliments for Natalie and her friends.

“You’re having too much fun,” joked a fan.

“Always so beautiful in your pictures I love it,” said another fan.

Other people thanked the model for posing the update.

“Very nice shot ladies, Thanks for making my Saturday!!” exclaimed a follower.

“Waw what a sweet littlle girls you are sooo gorgeous,” complimented another follower.

“The nature is beautiful and you are beautiful… Thank you!!” said an Instagram user.

“Why would you do that to us,” joked a fan.

This isn’t to mention that yesterday, Natalie also shared a photo of herself outside at a beach. She wore a sporty outfit, which included black biker shorts and a blue, long-sleeved crop top.

Roser wore her hair pulled back into a high ponytail and completed her look with white sneakers.