Taylor Swift Breaks Her Silence About Harvey Weinstein & Turns Off Comments On Her Fishbowl Instagram Video

Harvey Weinstein talked to Taylor Swift at the "Finding Neverland" Workshop Presentation in 2014
Donald Bowers / Getty Images

When the Me Too campaign was in full swing, and Harvey Weinstein was at the center of the controversy, Taylor Swift did not take part in the conversation. The singer-songwriter had worked with the disgraced producer on a couple of occasions, but she wasn’t ready to come forward about her experience with Weinstein — until now.

Swift said Weinstein “gave her a vibe” even before the sexual assault allegations against him were made public, according to The Guardian on August 24, a day after her seventh studio album, Lover, was released.

However, she was at the end of dealing with her own Me Too moment in a case she eventually won.

“[Taylor] was preparing for her court case against radio DJ David Mueller, who was fired in 2013 after Swift reported him for putting his hand up her dress at a meet-and-greet event. He sued her for defamation; she countersued for sexual assault.”

Around the same time, Weinstein hired Swift to pen a song for One Chance, the 2013 movie that represented the performer’s second Golden Globe nomination. Back then, she was awarded a cameo in The Giver. Weinstein, who produced the dystopian drama, showed up at Swift’s launch party for 1989.

Still, Swift insists that she “absolutely never hung out” with Weinstein. In fact, she strongly pointed out that they were never alone with each other, nor did he ever proposition her. She had his number.

“If you listen to the stories, he picked people who were vulnerable, in his opinion. It seemed like it was a power thing. So, to me, that doesn’t say anything – that I wasn’t in that situation,” she explained.

In 2013, Harvey Weinstein and Taylor Swift were both at the "One Chance" Premiere
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After she offered her thoughts regarding Weinstein, Swift contributed to her Instagram account by uploading part of the video for her new song, “Lover,” the title track from her new Lover album.

She called the scene in which she and her onscreen lover get together in a giant fishbowl her “favorite metaphor” in the short film.


She had been swimming when the man in her life jumped into the fishbowl’s water. Once he did, everyone could see what was happening and many were apt to judge her for it.

In this case, the fishbowl represented Swift’s life, which has tended to be in the open ever since she became a household name. Perhaps that’s why she and Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend of three years, are rarely seen in public.

With that analysis taken into consideration, when Taylor Swift shared her latest Instagram video in which her lover, played by Christian Owens, wanted to be part of her world in that fishbowl, the 29-year-old artist purposefully shut off the comments section of the social media post. She didn’t want to hear anyone’s thoughts on the upload. Instead, she just wanted her 121 million fans to enjoy the work.